The short supply, volatile price, and environmental impact associated with conventional fuels created opportunity for the first generation of biofuels. However, competition with the food supply forced fuel producers to explore lignocellulosic feedstocks, while favorable economics shift the focus to waste and natural gas feedstocks. Oil and gas companies, agribusiness firms, chemical companies, automakers, and others are capitalizing on this trend today, investing in alternative fuel solutions such as natural gas vehicles, waste-to-fuel, cellulosic ethanol, and gas-to-liquids.
To capitalize on the Alternative Fuel opportunity, companies should:
  • Identify breakthroughs in feedstock, process, and novel fuel production
  • Establish relationships throughout the value chain
  • Monitor and exploit geographies with favorable government support and available feedstock
  • Explore novel financing mechanisms to bring emerging technologies to market

Recently Profiled Companies

  • Clean Energy Systems Inc.

    Develops oxy-fuel combustion systems for power generation

    Mar 21, 2017

  • Plastic Energy

    Pyrolysis of nonrecyclable plastic into diesel, kerosene, and naphtha

    Mar 21, 2017

  • White Dog Labs

    Mixotrophic fermentation platform for animal feed and specialty chemical production

    Mar 20, 2017

  • Ergo Exergy

    Underground coal gasification for power generation

    Mar 7, 2017

  • Renew Energy

    Designs turnkey biogas plants for anaerobic digestion of high-moisture feedstock

    Mar 7, 2017

  • ProCone

    Gasification system for syngas generation from waste feedstocks

    Feb 21, 2017

  • Catalytic Innovations

    Electrochemical systems for wastewater treatment and ethanol production from CO₂

    Feb 21, 2017

  • Inventys

    Structured adsorbents for separation of CO2 from flue gases

    Feb 6, 2017

  • Climeworks

    Captures carbon dioxide directly from ambient air

    Feb 6, 2017

  • Opus 12

    Develops transition metal catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion to C1 and C2 products

    Jan 24, 2017

  • Sunfire

    Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) for combined heat and power (CHP) and solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) for hydrogen and syngas

    Jan 24, 2017

  • Applied Research Associates, Inc.

    Catalytic conversion of oil-based feedstock to renewable diesel and biojet fuel

    Jan 13, 2017

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  • Micro- and Macroalgae
  • Lignocellulosic material
  • Energy crops
  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Natural gas
  • Jatropha, switchgrass, energy cane


  • Pyrolysis, gasification, catalysis
  • Fermentation, synthetic biology
  • Preatreatment, steam explosion, acid hydrolysis
  • Torrefaction


  • Ethanol, gasoline/petrol
  • Butanol, methanol
  • Renewable diesel, biodiesel
  • Biojet
  • Biocoal
  • CNG, LNG
  • Synfuels
  • Biocrude
  • Hydrogen

End uses:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Industrial processes
  • Co-firing

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