From Industry 4.0 to intelligent oilfields and smart cities, every industry has a vision of a more information-driven, networked future. However, few have actually implemented Big Data and Analytics outside of corporate functions like finance and marketing. To reap the benefits of factory robotics, advanced sensors, augmented workers, connected tools, and other devices in the industrial Internet of Things, they need new software for collecting, storing, analyzing, and acting upon data. Our assessment of industry-specific needs and technology solutions helps users in each field to identify which vendors to shortlist and others to avoid. Conversely, we provide new industry-specific insights and cross-industry opportunities to technology developers, to help them advance their product offerings, understand the competitive landscape, and win new business.
Lux Research’s on-going coverage of the Industrial Big Data and Analytics space helps companies:
  • Understand the business cases and use cases for intelligence and automation in chemicals, oil and gas, manufacturing, energy and utilities, construction, agriculture, and other industries
  • Learn about best practices using data and analytics, in the same industry as well as others
  • Evaluate offerings of enterprise software vendors and startup specialists
  • Find both threats and opportunities in innovative new business models 
  • Assess the impact of future data and analytics technologies, before they enter the market


  • Data storage and management
  • Cloud computing software and services
  • Analytics, business intelligence, and visualization
  • Industrial Internet
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing
  • Personalized medicine, nutrition, health, and wellness
  • Sports and apparel
  • Intelligent buildings, infrastructure, and cities
  • Smart Oilfield
  • Precision agriculture

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