Aircraft and automobiles place high demands on innovation and performance, requiring advanced materials and devices to meet critical safety and performance requirements at reasonable cost. And collectively, they consume vast quantities of fuel and materials throughout their lifetime. From the individual vehicle or vessel to their combined impact on the environment and the economy, few products demand so much of their developers, and the need for novelty is constant.

Lux Research's services spot opportunities before they leave the lab. For aerospace and automotive manufacturers, financiers, and regulators, our services assess developments in:

  • Advanced Materials: Functional and protective coatings, structural materials, 3D printing
  • Alternative Fuels: Biofuels from ethanol to algae oil
  • Autonomous Systems 2.0: Drones/UAV, self-driving cars and vehicles, sensors and integration
  • Bio-based Materials and Chemicals: Bio-based materials for feedstock diversity
  • Coatings: Emerging materials components, formulations, processes and properties for coatings from cross-industry platforms to industry-specific applications
  • Distributed Generation: Small-scale wind turbines, fuel cells and hydropower; diesel generators; distributed energy storage; waste-to-power; off-grid generation; micro-grids; system integration; software control platforms; emerging business models
  • Electronic User Interfaces: Novel display and hands-free control technologies for automotive cabins
  • Energy Storage: High-performance batteries for electrified vehicles, hybridization wireless charging, microgrids
  • Future Computing Platforms: Future approaches to the interface of information and materials
  • Industrial Big Data and Analytics: Industrial approaches to data processing and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Connected sensor platforms for machine health and predictive maintenance, as well as telematics and tracking solutions
  • Sensors: Emerging sensor technologies
  • Solar: Flexible PV for integration, solar power for large-scale or remote facilities or off-grid applications
  • Wearable Electronics: Lightweight memory, logic, sensing components; novel display and sensing technologies

Our automotive clients include the world's largest automakers and technology-driven suppliers, while our aerospace clients span the range from material suppliers to defense contractors and airframe manufacturers.