From precision scientific instruments and medical devices to buildings, bridges, and ships, diversified industrial manufacturers develop a broad range of precision-engineered products that compete on performance, reliability, and cost. New technologies can upgrade core components or combine separate ones, providing a performance and cost advantage.

For industrial products at any scale, Lux Research's Research Membership and Lux Consulting address the need to find and incorporate innovative new materials, machines, and processes – and develop strategies to acquire them cost-competitively. As examples, our services cover:

  • Advanced Materials: Wear-resistant coatings, structural materials, 3D Printing, novel functional materials
  • Agro Innovation: Precision agriculture systems and equiptment, next-generation opportunities in urban/vertical/home farming
  • Autonomous Systems 2.0: Advanced industrial automation, drones, robotics, sensors and controls
  • Bio-based Materials and Chemicals: Bio-based polymers and basic, specialty, and fine chemicals
  • Coatings: Emerging materials components, formulations, processes and properties for coatings from cross-industry platforms to industry-specific applications
  • Digital Health and Wellness: Diagnostic tools, systems integration and analytics
  • Distributed Generation: Small-scale wind turbines, fuel cells and hydropower; diesel generators; distributed energy storage; waste-to-power; off-grid generation; micro-grids; system integration; software control platforms; emerging business models
  • Electronic User InterfacesBroad range of emerging input/output for accurate control and feedback, including OLED, 3D display, hologram, haptics, gesture/voice control, VR/AR headsets
  • Energy Storage: Advanced batteries for demanding industrial applications, opportunities in equiptment and manufacturing
  • Food and Nutrition: Processing technologies, monitors and analytics
  • Future Computing Platforms: Future approaches to the interface of information and materials
  • Industrial Big Data and AnalyticsIndustrial approaches to data processing and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Connected manufacturing sites and supply chains for improved operations and visibility
  • Intelligent Buildings: Advanced heating and cooling, energy-efficient lighting, building energy management systems, emerging business models and ESCOs, building systems integration
  • Sensors: Emerging sensor technologies
  • Solar: Systems integration and installation, components like inverters
  • Water: Industrial water remediation, recovery of valuable materials, low-water technologies, membranes and desalination
  • Wearable Electronics: Novel sensors, displays, and other devices; OLED lighting; emerging production technologies

Lux Research's Industrials clients range from manufacturers of heavy equipment to firms developing clean energy technologies; our work for them supports initiatives in technology scouting and roadmapping, patent analysis, and competitive landscaping.