Environmental, economic, and geopolitical crises have made energy and utilities national and international priorities. Whether it's using less carbon, or sequestering it; saving municipal water, or extracting useful waste products from it; creating green jobs; or a host of other issues, the demands are increasing on safety-conscious and tradition-bound energy and utilities companies to innovate.

Lux Research's Intelligence services help corporations, investors, and governments scout opportunities in emerging technologies in many areas of advanced energy and materials. Specifically for energy and utilities companies, our services cover:

  • Alternative Fuels: Bio-based fuels, cellulosic biomass, pellets
  • Coatings: Emerging materials components, formulations, processes and properties for coatings from cross-industry platforms to industry-specific applications
  • Distributed Generation: Small-scale wind turbines, fuel cells and hydropower; diesel generators; distributed energy storage; waste-to-power; off-grid generation; micro-grids; system integration; software control platforms; emerging business models
  • Energy Storage: Grid-scale energy storage; grid impact of emerging applications like electric vehicles, microgrids
  • Future Computing Platforms: Future approaches to the interface of information and materials
  • Industrial Big Data and AnalyticsIndustrial approaches to data processing and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Connected sensor platforms for asset optimization and process improvement
  • Intelligent Buildings: Building energy management systems, energy-efficient appliances, sensors and controls, smart windows and lighting, global policy outlook, ESCOs
  • Sensors: Emerging sensor technologies
  • Solar: Utility scale and distributed systems, microgrids, power purchase agreements, net metering, and novel business models
  • Sustainable Building Materials: Advanced insulation, dynamic windows, structural materials, BIPV
  • Water: Filtration, desalination, remediation, water management, waste-to-energy

We help our energy and utility clients tap internal and outside resources in order to accelerate their innovation initiatives, as well as understand how their peers approach these vital issues.