Emerging technologies can provide their investors with high growth potential that is difficult or impossible to find in conventional industries and mature technology spaces. At the same time, investment strategies that worked well in the past have failed in today's material- and energy-intense, science-driven innovations: venture capitalists, investment banks, and sovereign wealth funds need new ways of working that combine technology acumen and competitiveness with hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term capital.

Lux Research's Intelligence services inform corporate and conventional venture capital firms, public investors, and governments around the world, giving them the insight to separate risky long-shots from critical opportunities across the spectrum of research and development. For investors, our services cover:

  • Disruptive technologies affecting industries from oil and gas to consumer electronics to pharmaceuticals
  • Market data across sectors, stages, countries, and technologies
  • Subsidies and policy-driven grants
  • Government-financed projects in energy, infrastructure, and research
  • Venture investments, from analysis of individual transactions to global, decade-long trends
  • Exits: from bankruptcy to acquisitions and initial public offerings

Our roster of finance clients includes some of the world's largest investment banks, leading venture capitalists, and forward-thinking private equity funds. Our market, technology, and financial analysis improves their ability to foresee dips and spikes in demand, changes in policy, emergence of new technologies, and shifting competitive forces that determine the success of their investments.