Feeding and healing the world's growing, shifting population is a growing, shifting challenge. In addition to the basic need for safer and healthier foods and medicines, clear trends are emerging: new medicines will need new delivery systems; foods and cosmetics will play a key role in wellness, prevention and treatment of disease; and consumers' choices in adopting and using these products are as important as the products' ingredients and form.

Lux Research's analysts identify and evaluate emerging technologies in many areas of human wellness, giving our clients an early view of opportunities for corporations, investors, and governments. In pharmaceutical and medical devices, food and beverages, personal care products, and agricultural chemicals, we cover:

  • Advanced Materials: Barrier films and other packaging materials; antimicrobial and easy-to-clean coatings
  • Agro Innovation: Global and local agricultural productivity improvements; more nutrient-dense varieties; improved crops for transportation, shelf-life, stability, processing, novel production processes such as in vitro meat
  • Bio-based Materials and Chemicals: Renewable materials for products and packaging, food ingredients from algae and other novel sources, active molecules from synthetic organisms, bioremediation
  • Coatings: Emerging materials components, formulations, processes and properties for coatings from cross-industry platforms to industry-specific applications
  • Digital Health and Wellness: Sensors, diagnostics, personal health monitoring
  • Food and Nutrition: Prebiotics/probiotics, functional food, nutrient/flavor formulation, novel ingredients
  • Future Computing Platforms: Future approaches to the interface of information and materials
  • Industrial Big Data and AnalyticsIndustrial approaches to data processing and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Connected platforms for ensuring worker health and safety in numerous industries
  • Sensors: Emerging sensor technologies
  • Wearable Electronics: Sensors, smart packaging

Our clients in health and nutrition are among the largest and most innovative global firms in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care, nutrition, and agricultural biotechnology.