The energy and material supplied by oil and gas (O&G) power the planet. But fossil fuels also pose environmental, economic, and geopolitical risks that oil producers are keen to mitigate and balance – even as they seek new hydrocarbon reserves in challenging environments to fuel global growth.

Lux Research's products help corporations, investors, and governments scout opportunities in emerging technologies in many areas of advanced energy and materials. For O&G, our services cover:

  • Advanced Materials: Protective coatings, structural materials, 3D printing
  • Alternative Fuels: Biofuels, microbial EOR, management of sulfur-reducing bacteria, bacteria for detection and remediation
  • Autonomous Systems 2.0: Advanced industrial automation; drone, robots, other autonomous systems for exploration, production, transportation
  • Bio-based Materials and Chemicals: Materials of construction and petrochemical feedstock displacement
  • Coatings: Emerging materials components, formulations, processes and properties for coatings from cross-industry platforms to industry-specific applications
  • Distributed Generation: Small-scale wind turbines, fuel cells and hydropower; diesel generators; distributed energy storage; waste-to-power; off-grid generation; micro-grids; system integration; software control platforms; emerging business models
  • Exploration and Production: Broad coverage of advanced secondary and tertiary recovery, imaging stimulation, advanced drilling, processing and transport, HSE
  • Future Computing Platforms: Future approaches to the interface of information and materials
  • Industrial Big Data and AnalyticsIndustrial approaches to data processing and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Connected sensor platforms for asset optimization and process improvement
  • Sensors: Emerging sensor technologies
  • Solar: Distributed generation, opportunities in materials like backsheets
  • Water: Produced water treatment, hydraulic filtration, desalinization, remediation, water management

Lux Research's clients in O&G span national and international oil companies, service companies, governments, and investors in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.