Clients turn to Lux Consulting to further leverage the value they receive from our advisory services. Building off our strong technology intelligence base and industry connections, Lux Consulting empowers clients to identify and maximize business opportunities and manage inherent risks and complexities.
Lux Consulting provides a broad range of capabilities including:
  •     Sector-focused technology landscaping
  •     Examining discrete technology opportunities
  •     Helping with technical due diligence on partner and acquisition targets
  •     Broad technology roadmapping for strategic planning

Lux custom tailors each engagement to meet clients’ specific needs and support long-term goals.


Lux Rapid Assessment Service

Lux offers Rapid Assessment services to help clients effectively speed up information gathering and time to decision. Often completed in 4 weeks, these engagements range from rapid exploration of technology areas for emerging players, technologies, and needs, to custom tailoring our role in technical due diligence.

Lux Retained Intelligence Service

Our Retained Intelligence services are one to two year renewable engagements designed to help our clients with their innovation transformation initiatives. These sustained initiatives are outlined and intended to fundamentally change the way clients think about, interact with, and implement innovation in technologies and business models.


Consulting Case Studies

Market Landscaping

  • A multi-billion dollar provider of worldwide electronic solutions wished to leverage existing products and technologies and enter the budding distributed energy generation market
  • The client turned to Lux to rapidly analyze, assess, and recommend adjacent markets for potential entry
  • Lux provided market landscapes, opportunity assessments, and identified potential market segments to attack
  • This client used information and recommendations to craft acquisition and entry strategy

Opportunity Assessment

  • An integrated energy and chemicals company considering investment in a 
    next generation battery developer approached Lux to help assess risks and benefits from both technical and market perspectives
  • Lux utilized its deep existing knowledge in the next-gen energy storage space to achieve both client goals by carrying out a due diligence/market assessment on the target
  • Lux visited the company’s headquarters, held in-depth technical and strategy discussions with key members of management, and presented information with secondary data from patents, publications, and expert interviews
  • Lux analyzed existing models from our Intelligence services to reflect the target’s market opportunity and put an objective voice on the company’s plans and projections
  • Lux combined all analyses into a comprehensive presentation with detailed SWOT analyses which the client used to inform its investment. Post-investment, our client is working alongside the target to mitigate some of the risks identified

Strategy Synthesis

  • A large multinational conglomerate was planning its next strategic
    move after an important acquisition in the energy market
  • This client asked Lux to look systematically at potential complementary technologies for opportunities to build on and synergize with the initial acquisition
  • Lux completed landscaping and opportunity analyses of related and complementary technologies, complete with system-level LCOE and NPV models, which helped guide the client towards specific opportunities
  • Lux is currently working with the client to identify and qualify potential partnership/acquisition targets to complete the strategy

Market Entry

  • An Asian client needed help making an initial ‘big splash’ into the U.S.
    energy storage market and building its longer-term strategy
  • Lux presented a range of strategic options, from R&D collaborations designed to enhance next generation products, to channel build outs for immediate sales, to strategic acquisitions to widen their in-country footprint
  • After collectively analyzing Phase 1 results and strategic options, the client asked Lux to accelerate next project phases to help them move aggressively towards an acquisition