Lux offers Rapid Assessment services to help clients effectively speed up information gathering and time to decision. Often completed in 4 weeks, these engagements range from rapid exploration of technology areas for emerging players, technologies, and needs, to custom tailoring our role in technical due diligence. Our work ranges from interviews with target executives and evaluation of alternative technology solutions, to examination of their role in the value chain. In this capacity, Lux serves as a valuable extension of your project team.

What is the Lux Rapid Assessment Service?

  • Rapid engagements, including Rapid Landscaping or Rapid Tech Due Diligence, usually 4 weeks or less in duration
  • Designed to augment and dovetail with client tech scouting and business development activities
  • Modeled to provide timely, high quality, custom research to help Lux clients obtain clear, objective, decision-support-ready results

Clients use Lux Rapid Landscaping for:

  • Competitive landscaping in adjacent or new markets they consider entering
  • Identifying new technologies from adjacent markets they can import into theirs for first mover advantage
  • The first step in a larger partner search and selection
    process for pipeline strengthening through acquisition

Clients use the Lux Rapid Tech Due Diligence for:

  • Rapidly coming to go/no go decisions with companies approaching them for funding/support
  • Augmenting and supplementing their own business development due diligence activities step-by-step
  • Evaluating portfolio partner companies with Lux third-party expertise, methodology, and objectivity


Rapid Assessment

Technology Landscape

Lux provides rapid technology landscaping services for our clients. Clients looking for new technologies, novel business models, adjacent market opportunities, or seeking to innovate by bringing outside technology into their own markets use Lux to understand, discover, and assess.

Example Engagements:

  • Our client desired to create a novel consumer product incorporating temperature modulating technologies

     Lux scanned technologies across the industrial spectrum to identify technologies
     with the right form factor, power, and performance potentials

  • Our client desired to launch a new marketing campaign incorporating wearable technology

     Lux helped marketing executives understand the state of technology, leading
     players, and potential business models to explore

  • Our client desired to identify new markets for their chip technology

     Lux identified companies developing suitable IoT-dependent products across
     numerous markets as potential customers/partners

Technology Due Diligence

Lux provides rapid modular technology due diligence support services that move in 'lock-step' with the business development pace of our clients. Lux clients actively tech scout for acquisition opportunities. Lux provides focused competitive assessment of target technology, assessment of R&D, management, pipeline, and business model analysis, to support our client's go/no go investment decisions.

Example Engagements:

  • Our client contemplated further investment and possible acquisition of a company with novel environmental management technology

     Lux competitive assessment uncovered competing technologies and companies with more
     than a promising outlook - prompting a reassessment by our client

  • Our client needed to determine whether to make a competitive bid for a sensor startup

     Lux conducted a site visit, interviewed management, analyzed the total system offering, and depth of solution to provide
our investment assessment

  • Our client sought an investment in biomanufacturing. The target had just transitioned from lab to small pilot scale. Our client desired to know whether their depth of technology development and strategy for execution could commercially scale in 3- 5 years

     Lux Research analysis prompted a change in investment strategy with the client adopting a wait and see with the target to
     provide additional time for development while also widening the circle of alternative investment targets