An increasingly popular area with our clients is our Retained Intelligence services. These are one to two year renewable engagements designed to help with innovation transformation initiatives. These sustained initiatives are designed and intended to fundamentally change the way clients think about, interact with, and implement innovation in technologies and business models. Lux serves to provide external guidance; tech scouting for emerging capabilities, envisioning new products and business models, improving internal stage-gating processes for speed and effectiveness, and working with client executives to more effectively move their organizations to action.

What is the Lux Retained Intelligence Service?

Lux offers one to two year renewable engagements, to assist our clients in addressing long-term strategic needs.

We configure these services to provide constant team-to-team engagement to work on, incubate, and develop fundamentally game-changing ideas and initiatives.

Clients use Lux Retained Intelligence Services for:

  • Monitoring and Surveillance: Ongoing executive level briefings concerning urgent business issues, emerging technologies as threats or opportunities, trends and directions in research and IP
  • Ideation: The systematic search for outside-of-the-box ideas and opportunities
  • Transformation: Helping you more effectively move ideas through your decision pipeline, putting those ideas in a market competitive context, and building
    the technology roadmap for success -
    moving from ideation to implementation

These interactions are hands-on, often weekly to bi-weekly meetings, including presentations and workshops, to discuss, analyze, and decide.

These rigorous engagements best fit clients who seek to dramatically ramp up their thinking about, and creativity with, technology for sustained competitive advantage.


Retained Intelligence

Monitoring and Surveillance

Following technology, understanding technology, and knowing the right time and place to utilize technology for advantage requires diligence, effort, and time. We help busy executives achieve more by being their technology eyes and ears into targeted areas of potential opportunity and threat. We use presentations, databases, dashboards, and discussions to keep our executive clients up-to-speed, conversant, and knowledgeable about how and when technology is an opportunity or a threat.

Example Engagement:

  • A large CPG client desired to explore the potential of genomics to impact their business. However, in order to do so, they needed to prime executives across the organization on state-of-the-art industry genomics
  • Lux created the primer and taxonomy to get stakeholders up to speed and create the dialogue to fit the company culture
  • Lux and the client then identified areas of potential opportunity and threat that genomics and related technologies could pose to their organization
  • Daily and ongoing research conducted by Lux to surveil the target spaces was collated and presented monthly to executives with quarterly onsite brainstorming and what-if scenario discussions to prepare and plan for readiness
  • This expert service provided both time savings and strategic insights to
    our client by broadening executive thinking about technology


Lux provides ongoing ideation sessions to help clients creatively mine for new solutions they can bring into their industry, sector, and business. Covering 21 technology areas enables Lux to deliver access and insight into diverse unmet needs and the technology solutions designed to solve them. Searching, finding, adopting, and adapting ideas in this way is what Lux calls “horizontal thinking.”

Example Engagement:

  • A large chemical client desired to find a new source of ideas unanchored to business unit concerns - near term horizon and product line bias
  • Meeting weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly, engaging at different levels of the client organization, Lux and the client developed a systematic template, approach, and analysis framework by which to generate, express, analyze, and decide
  • Over time, this process generated unexpected benefits in: 1) forcing a more efficient stage-gating process, 2) more productively involving key stakeholders in a structured format, 3) creating a more effective platform for the presentation of ideas to senior management

Transformation: From Ideation to Implementation

A single innovation in itself is rarely disruptive. It is the chaining and aggregation of multiple disparate entities that lead to the disruptive event. For clients that seek to harness business unit capabilities with strategic planning and product development, Lux offers a program to systematically examine trends, innovations, and business models in ways that present new opportunities to our client.

Example Engagement:

  • A global CPG client sought to create a map of disruptors that represented both opportunities and threats to their franchise
  • Lux put in place a comprehensive plan designed to dovetail and integrate into the client’s workflow and work teams which incorporated R&D, marketing, business unit heads, tech scouting and business development
  • Our analysis of technology innovators, emerging business models, and current client markets gave rise to an envisioned future platform by which one of their key business units could be disrupted
  • Rather than react, our client has opted to build that disruptive platform. Lux ‘map and gap’ activities indicated potential target areas and companies for our client to exploit