Promoting emerging technologies is an increasingly high priority for governments around the world. Stimulus packages, market incentives, and massive funding of technology development in the lab are defining future winners and losers at a country level today. The key for any government level initiative is to understand emerging technologies and how they will impact important local industries. Lux Research helps policy makers and government advisors:

  • Benchmark existing innovation capabilities against other countries and regions across the globe
  • Assess specific technology developments for local economic and global leadership impact
  • Evaluate past strategies for supporting innovation in emerging technologies and set strategy for the future
  • Assess companies and project proposals chosen for government support, avoiding the hype and delivering impact

Lux Research Solutions

In designing policy and funding strategies for maximum overall impact, our clients use:

  • Company Profiles to evaluate local technology developers' progress against comparable foreign entities
  • Market Reports to identify the key markets and industries that represent growth opportunities, and the technologies that will be best positioned to serve them
  • Lux Consulting services to map innovation and industry potential with respect to emerging technologies, derive overall strategy to support the innovation ecosystem, and deliver key Insights that academic, corporate and government stakeholders can develop together