Successful strategies for new business development in emerging technologies require not only a view of today's competitive landscape and industry needs, but an informed view of what new developments are coming. We chart paths from today's proven technologies to tomorrow's speculative ones, focusing on clients' needs to break the long-term journey into manageable milestones. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Benchmark where today's opportunities lie in terms of application, industry and geography
  • Project technology development scenarios across given innovation ecosystems
  • Map adoption scenarios in the context of technology development and industry dynamics
  • Prioritize internal development activities to focus on the key opportunities in timeframes of greatest relevance to overall business strategy

Lux Research Solutions

To rationally project technology development in highly dynamic innovation and investment ecosystems, our clients use:

  • Company Profiles to gauge current and projected technology offerings from leading innovators
  • Market Reports to identify timelines to true adoption of new technologies, spot gaps in the value of existing technologies, find strategies for delivering the highest impact technology improvements, and pick out game-changing early-stage technologies
  • On-demand Inquiry to gain the Lux Research perspective on where long term opportunities lie that fit the client's current and future capabilities
  • Lux Consulting services to map the relevant innovation ecosystems, lay out current needs and future trends, and choose the technology targets with the greatest impact