Emerging technology markets represent, by their very nature, a complex, over-crowded landscape of technology developers all claiming to have a best-in-class solution. Navigating this landscape and identifying the valuable technologies and companies is a full-time endeavor, requiring on-going analysis of all the participants, their technical progress and the industry adoption that results. Even once a company identifies a potential partner, it still needs to take a deeper dive to validate the true potential. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Analyze the existing technical capabilities and proposed development roadmaps of start-ups, universities, corporate labs, and other technology developers
  • Place the technology in the context of broader industry needs and drivers
  • Identify existing and past relationships of a given technology company, and uncover any positive and negative implications for engaging with the company
  • Avoid time-consuming pursuit of technologies and companies that are more hype than reality

Lux Research Solutions

To effectively scout for technologies and drive successful open innovation, our clients use:

  • Requests for Lux Research to brief a specific company to anonymously obtain key data and insights as well as Lux analysis of a given target
  • On-line tools including client-designed tables and Lux Innovation Grids to quickly compare a target technology company against peers and competitors
  • On-demand Inquiry to obtain additional analyst insight and recommendations regarding a technology developer of interest
  • Lux Consulting services to take a deeper dive into the overall technology and business position and potential of a given company