Even once the heavy lifting in the lab is done, successful commercialization of emerging technologies is still a major challenge. Years can be wasted chasing a market segment that does not fit well with a given technology, adopts too slowly for the needs of the developer, or lacks key drivers in the industry or geography chosen. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Identify where initial opportunities lie in terms of application, industry and geography
  • Prioritize internal development activities to focus on the key opportunities
  • Map adoption scenarios in the context of competing and complementary technologies and industries
  • Connect with key executives at potential partners and customers to build understanding and accelerate entry progress

Lux Research Solutions

To successfully identify paths to market for emerging technologies, our clients use:

  • Company Profiles to study successful and unsuccessful entry strategies for companies in the same space, and identify potential partners for initial market entry
  • Market Reports to pick out markets where growth will be strongest and where there are key needs that the client can address
  • On-demand Inquiry to leverage Lux Research's industry knowledge and experience in commercializing emerging technologies
  • Lux Consulting services to obtain product-specific research focused on applications, end-users and geographies and the market entry strategy this ecosystem dictates