Understanding the market for any emerging technology is often challenging, since the industry structure and value chain are poorly defined, the paths of future technology development aren't clear, and the future of pricing and performance are difficult to predict. Companies need to understand the applications and industries where new technologies will enter, assess how existing and new technologies will evolve and compete over time, and project how previously non-existent or nascent market opportunities will emerge. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Evaluate technologies in a given application and market against competing technologies and solutions
  • Identify where initial opportunities lie in terms of application, industry and geography – and also pick out where the largest long term opportunities will be
  • Gauge adoption trends in key industries, identifying where the early adopters reside and forcing functions exist
  • Project overall revenues and unit sales for a given technology based on the value proposition, industry adoption trends and overall industry market sizes

Lux Research Solutions

To understand and forecast market sizes, our clients use:

  • Market Reports for in-depth analysis of emerging technology market sizes and forecasts, driven by rigorous modeling of complex scenarios, and the impact on broader industries
  • On-demand Inquiry to gain a deeper understanding of Lux Research's market models, navigate key assumptions, and request follow-up "what-if" analyses
  • Lux Consulting for tailored, client-confidential market forecasting of a given technology, or for deeper dives into specific technology/ industry/ geography combinations