Investing time and resources into technology partners, or capital and expertise into strategic investment partners, demands rigorous analysis before any decision. In emerging technology markets, the challenge of defining technology potential and enterprise value represents the greatest such challenge. It is vital to evaluate not only the company and its technology, but also the markets it is targeting, which are often emerging themselves. The extra degree of uncertainty requires the most careful possible analysis of technology and markets before committing critical resources. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Analyze the existing technical capabilities and proposed development roadmap of technology developers
  • Place the technology in the context of broader industry needs and drivers
  • Evaluate the existing and best-case strategies a given company has based on its capabilities, and the quality of fit to a given partner
  • Evaluate key assets – cash, revenue, contracts, IP, expertise – in order to effectively guide a justifiable level of investment or partnership engagement

Lux Research Solutions

To effectively assess the technology, commercialization and partnership potential of a target company our clients use:

  • Requests for Lux Research to brief a specific company to anonymously obtain key data and insights as well as Lux Research analysis of a given target
  • On-demand Inquiry to obtain additional analyst insight and recommendations regarding a technology developer of interest
  • Lux Consulting services to take a deeper dive into the overall technology and business position and potential of a given company