To find new opportunities in emerging technology markets while avoiding costly mistakes, businesses and investors need to have a clear picture of the field before entering. Lux Research helps executives:

  • Delineate the key market segments – by application, technology, geography – identifying where the largest and fastest-growing opportunities lie
  • Find out who the major players are, and learn their strengths and weaknesses
  • Map the competing technology variations and solutions, and see which ones have an edge in which market segments
  • Become familiar with key issues and challenges in the field, to determine where their capabilities and expertise might fit in

Lux Research Solutions

To understand emerging technology markets, our clients use:

  • Market Reports for market data, descriptions of major technology variations, and important trends in the field
  • Company Profiles for information and analysis on key companies in the field
  • Weekly Journals to keep up on the latest developments in the field
  • Inquiry to answer custom questions
  • Lux Consulting services to perform detailed analysis of where their products and services can play in the market