New “20 for 20” list highlights the technologies and trends that will transform the world over the next decade 

A combination of megatrends, market demand, and new innovations has thrust many technologies into the spotlight. We're excited to release our annual report on the tech innovations that are likely to have the greatest impact during the next 10 years. The new report combines the power of insights from technology experts with proprietary data science tools to better guide innovation decision making. 

Our "20 for 2020” report identifies and ranks 20 technologies that will reshape the world, based on innovation interest scores from the Lux Intelligence Engine, along with input from our leading analysts. This report provides data-backed context for the ever-shifting technology landscape and insights into how companies can maximize the investment opportunities these data trends reveal. 

Lux Research - 20 for 20 Infographic



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Lux Research is a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, helping clients drive growth through technology innovation. A pioneer in the research industry, Lux uniquely combines technical expertise and business insights with a proprietary intelligence platform, using advanced analytics and data science to surface true leading indicators. With quality data derived from primary research, fact-based analysis, and opinions that challenge traditional thinking, Lux empowers clients to make more informed decisions today to ensure future success. 

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