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  • Supercharging the circular economy with digital technologies

    Supercharging the circular economy with digital technologies

    Lux has found an important yet under-emphasized role for emerging digital technologies, which have the power to accelerate adoption of circular technologies. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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We power innovation because we are innovators. Luxers are passionate about deep tech – our team is made up of engineers, scientists, and data scientists dedicated to working with clients in their quest to discover and deliver their next big innovative ideas.

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Lux Research - Agrifood and Health - Our Expertise

Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood & Health

From the farm, through the fork, to impacts on health, the traditional agriculture, food, and health value chains are evolving into an interconnected ecosystem. Whether it is what they eat, how they track movement, or where their food comes from, consumers’ ever-changing preferences are a driving force behind this transition. Avoid the fleeting trends. We help you anticipate the major shifts to ensure you focus on where the market is going. 

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Lux Research - Digital - Our Expertise

Digital Transformation of Physical Industries

Your competitors, industry, and supply chain are digitally transforming, whether you want them to or not. It could be your markets. It could be your products. Or it could be how you run your R&D pipeline or manufacturing lines. Whatever the case, we'll help you prioritize your efforts and make the right technology decisions to turn your industry’s digital transformation from a threat into a growth opportunity.

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Lux Research - Energy - Our Expertise

Owning the Energy Transition

Big changes are coming to the energy landscape as renewable energy replaces existing technology. Your organization needs to anticipate, not react. We're here to help you harness the opportunity or mitigate the risk brought on by the seismic shifts coming down the line.

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Accelerating Materials Innovation

We want to make it easier for you to make new products faster and better. From new material platforms to 3D printing to materials informatics and beyond, we help you improve existing offerings or create entirely new ones, all in the name of growth.

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The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility

The way we move people and things is rapidly changing, evolving mobility beyond a product such as a car or a bike. The modes and designs of transportation are diversifying. Opportunities for using transportation in novel ways are emerging. We help you find the real signals among the noise and make the right bets on technologies and partners to capture your share of this massive new market.

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Lux Research In the News - January 2020


  • The negative price for May WTI futures was probably an anomaly, but it also was a symptom of bigger underlying issues that the industry must address," said Arij van Berkel, who leads the energy research team at Lux Research in Amsterdam.
    The New York Times Asia Stocks Fall After U.S. Crude Collapses for Second Day
  • This year’s battery investments by auto makers have been “all about securing the supply chain” for electric vehicles, says Christopher Robinson, senior analyst at Lux Research.
    The Wall Street Journal Why the Global Auto Industry Is Worried About a Korean Feud
  • The additional pressure of the pandemic “will likely shutter the US coal industry for good”, said Yuan-Sheng Yu, senior analyst at Lux Research. “It is becoming clear that Covid-19 will lead to a shake-up of the energy landscape and catalyze the energy transition, with investors eyeing new energy sector plays as we emerge from the pandemic.”

    The Guardian Renewables surpass coal in US energy generation for first time in 130 years
  • The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Tesla and Volkswagen, which held about 70% of Europe’s battery electric vehicle sales last year, will remain Hyundai’s biggest competitors, says Chris Robinson, senior analyst at Lux Research.
    Forbes As Hyundai Races Toward Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen-Powered Cars Take A Backseat
  • The residential battery market is growing at a rate of 76% per year and is projected to break $50 billion in revenue by 2035, according to the research firm Lux Research.
    Business Insider A global pandemic and fear of power outages could fuel an emerging $50 billion market for rooftop solar companies like Tesla and Sunrun
  • "You have a degree of flexibility with pyrolysis that you don't have in any of the other recycling technologies," says Charles Willard, senior associate with Lux Research. 
    The New York Times Veolia - A New Vision for Plastic
  • The issue of high costs is the most likely reason Hyperloop will fail,” the Lux researchers wrote, adding that it’s unlikely to see any hyperloop routes in operation before 2040.
    POLITICO 10 airlines strike a deal with Treasury for grants
  • And that's thinking small, says Jon Melnick, who directs digital transformation research at consultancy Lux Research. "Amazon can not only add telehealth to health care, it can build a health care platform that includes food, consumer data, and all the products and services that can contribute to health," says Melnick.
    Newsweek Do You Trust Jeff Bezos With Your Life? Tech Giants Like Amazon Are Getting into the Health Care Business
  • As Arij van Berkel, director at Lux Research points out the traditional oil company approach to a price drop is to maintain investment in exploration and cut downstream investment in refineries and clean energy. With the oil price this low, and many expecting the price to remain low throughout the year, that’s not a strategy that makes much sense.
    Forbes Could Covid-19 Drive A Structural Shift In The Oil Markets?
  • In September, Redefine Meat secured $6 million in funding from firms including big German chicken producer PHW Group and CPT Capital, a venture fund owned by private equity veteran and sustainability-minded investor Jeremy Coller. “The everlasting question is: Can you scale it up?” says Arnold Bos, a senior consultant at Lux Research Inc., a technology researcher. “If you need to print more, you need more printers.”
    Bloomberg A Realistic Steak Is Fake Meat’s Holy Grail

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  • Yuan-Sheng Yu

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Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up October 23, 2020

Each week we highlight our Lux Take on the news for the week. This Friday's round-up includes our researchers' coverage of L'Oréal, Airbus, BrightFarms, and some major innovation investment news.


Mitsubishi Electric acquires Iconics – another indication of the rise in factory automation this year

Mitsubishi Electric will leverage expertise in software to enhance edge computing solutions in its e-F@ctory with the acquisition of Iconics (Lux ...

Offshore Wind: Europe's Best Bet To Accelerate Green Hydrogen Developments

The ultimate search for clean fuels and green hydrogen creates an opportunity for wind energy, particularly offshore wind, which has the potential to become the primary source of green hydrogen in Europe. Learn more about the opportunity from our expert, Patricia Seoane da Silva in this blog.

Vodafone first in U.K. to launch 5G, advancing Europe into the race even as the U.S. pulls back

Vodafone became the first to announce a 5G launch in the U.K., naming seven cities, including London, for July and another 12 for the end of the year.