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    Innovation comes in many forms – from disruptive start-ups, to leading edge research centers, to novel uses of existing technologies and business models. To truly innovate and grow, you need an understanding of the technology, a mastery of the market, plus the most up-to-date objective data. Our products provide all three. And a whole lot more.

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We power innovation because we are innovators. Luxers are passionate about deep tech – our team is made up of engineers, scientists, and data scientists dedicated to working with clients in their quest to discover and deliver their next big innovative ideas.

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Lux Research - Agrifood and Health - Our Expertise

Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood & Health

From the farm, through the fork, to impacts on health, the traditional agriculture, food, and health value chains are evolving into an interconnected ecosystem. Whether it is what they eat, how they track movement, or where their food comes from, consumers’ ever-changing preferences are a driving force behind this transition. Avoid the fleeting trends. We help you anticipate the major shifts to ensure you focus on where the market is going. 

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Lux Research - Digital - Our Expertise

Digital Transformation of Physical Industries

Your competitors, industry, and supply chain are digitally transforming, whether you want them to or not. It could be your markets. It could be your products. Or it could be how you run your R&D pipeline or manufacturing lines. Whatever the case, we'll help you prioritize your efforts and make the right technology decisions to turn your industry’s digital transformation from a threat into a growth opportunity.

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Lux Research - Energy - Our Expertise

Owning the Energy Transition

Big changes are coming to the energy landscape as renewable energy replaces existing technology. Your organization needs to anticipate, not react. We're here to help you harness the opportunity or mitigate the risk brought on by the seismic shifts coming down the line.

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Accelerating Materials Innovation

We want to make it easier for you to make new products faster and better. From new material platforms to 3D printing to materials informatics and beyond, we help you improve existing offerings or create entirely new ones, all in the name of growth.

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The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility

The way we move people and things is rapidly changing, evolving mobility beyond a product such as a car or a bike. The modes and designs of transportation are diversifying. Opportunities for using transportation in novel ways are emerging. We help you find the real signals among the noise and make the right bets on technologies and partners to capture your share of this massive new market.

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Lux is the brightest light in a complex information ecosystem.

We help global organizations avoid hype, mitigate risk, and accelerate growth. It’s the trusted analysis you need to make the right decisions, faster.



Independent analyses rooted in science and engineering.


Experts uncover and explore nuances hidden within the facts.


Cutting-edge data science powers objective insights.

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Lux Research In the News - January 2020


The Latest Insights From Lux

Expert insights, industry events, news, and more.

Molecular Medicine Tri Conference

San Francisco, California

MODEX 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

Materials Informatics' Hottest Research Areas

Using publicly available data, we applied topic modeling algorithms to analyze what is hot in materials informatics and found that the data-driven, quantified results generated by topic modeling agree well with what our human-led research has indicated.

Vodafone first in U.K. to launch 5G, advancing Europe into the race even as the U.S. pulls back

Vodafone became the first to announce a 5G launch in the U.K., naming seven cities, including London, for July and another 12 for the end of the year.

Energy's Hottest Topics & Best Tech Start-Ups of 2019

We recently conducted an analysis of the hottest innovation topics and best tech startups across our energy research. In that analysis, we found that two energy-related topics made the top 10 for highest prevalence of positively rated companies – energy storage and upstream energy feedstocks.

Mitsubishi Electric acquires Iconics – another indication of the rise in factory automation this year

Mitsubishi Electric will leverage expertise in software to enhance edge computing solutions in its e-F@ctory with the acquisition of Iconics (Lux ...