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Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health

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Agriculture, food, and health no longer exist as distinct value chains. They are pieces of a single ecosystem of technologies, markets, and demands.
The increased expectation of personalization and customization is a driving force in this ecosystem. How do you differentiate between fleeting trends and major shifts?

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Four Themes of Lux's Agrifood Research

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The Food Company of 2050

Major food companies face intense competition from smaller, more agile brands. With personalization in focus, there are fewer benefits to being big; innovating to address changing consumer demands will be key.

Adaptability is critically important for any food company that expects to survive through 2050. The executive summary of our report, The Digital Transformation of the Food Industry, focuses specifically on the application and unique challenges of adoption in the food industry.

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Agrifood Microsite - More With Less Theme

Doing More With Less Across Agrifood

Companies whose businesses rely on consumption for topline growth – from foods to agrichemicals – face pressure to diversify. Meanwhile, producers reduce resource use, driven by concerns of affordability and scarcity.

Speak with an expert about the technologies you're interested in, and get a demo of our technology and company research spanning the entire value chain.

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Prevention and Personalization

Prevention and personalization are reshaping consumers’ choices, empowering them to make lifestyle decisions that explicitly influence health outcomes. This will drive massive market potential.

One effective tool for personalization is DNA. The power of DNA is real and tangible, with hype-y tech like CRISPR fetching multiple billions of dollars in valuations and consumer genetic testing services growing into the hundreds of millions of dollars in value in just a few years.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar on the Power of DNA and it's impact on personalization.

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Agrifood Microsite - Innovations Theme

Transformative Innovations Disrupt the Entire Ecosystem

Major transformative innovations underlie the products and services that drive consumer markets; innovations in bioinformatics, POU sensing, and ingredient informatics are disrupting the space at the moment.

There's also a lot of hype in this space, and cutting through it to determine if a technology is the right fit is a constant challenge. Read our signature "Lux Take" on CRISPR in the blog, How The CRISPR Alphabet Soup Can Make You A Trillion Dollars.

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