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4 Factors Forcing Reinvention for Oil & Gas in the Digital Age

Harshit Sharma, Analyst
October 30, 2019

Our new report, The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas, details the driving forces behind the reinvention of the global oil and gas industry for the rapidly evolving digital age. Specifically, there are four key factors contributing to changes aimed at maximizing operational efficiency across the industry: persistently volatile commodity prices; the high costs associated with workplace safety and the replacement of retiring skilled laborers; the shift toward a low-carbon economy and stricter emissions standards; and a global change in supply and demand coupled with unpredictable geopolitical factors.  

While many of the challenges faced by decision makers and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry aren’t new, the solutions and the technology behind them certainly are. In our new report, we analyze how industry leaders are responding to these challenges, as well as what the evolution and maturation of this digital transformation means for the future of the global oil and gas industry in its entirety. 

The four key challenges facing oil and gas leaders are inevitably leading toward a tech-focused future for an industry that has traditionally resisted massive or rapid change.

At Lux, we expect that in order to meet these challenges in the digital age and successfully scale global operations to meet a new stream of demand, we will see a new breed of “tech” oil companies, the disruption of traditional service companies by major software giants, the creation of data marketplaces, and more operator-to-operator digital collaborations. This digital scale-up across the industry will eventually lead to a new era of companies that operate more like a traditional tech firm than an oil and gas company.

These companies will be leaders in innovation, resulting in faster, more agile product roll-outs, deployments, and feedback loops, as well as an increased focus on cybersecurity and enterprise-wide data sharing

For more information about how the digital age is reshaping and reinventing the historically traditional oil and gas industry, you can download the executive summary of our here.  





- Executive Summary: Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas

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