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Solving the Diabetes Dilemma With Personalized Nutrition

The global cost of diabetes is estimated to be almost $1 trillion per year; the bulk of this cost is spent on managing the complications that arise from diabetes, rather than treating diabetes itself.

The AWESOME Power of DNA: Pink pineapples, personalization everywhere, and sensing all the things

Wielding the power of DNA will result in opportunities worth trillions of dollars - if you know where to look.

Annual List: 19 Transformative Technologies for 2019

Executives tasked with identifying key technology innovations for their company are typically stuck relying on either subjective opinions or an excess of raw data without context or insight.

Set Your Sights on Asia’s Data Goldmine for Precision Medicine Development

Everyone is talking about Asia’s booming economy and meteoric rise on the global stage. In parallel, precision medicine is the hype du jour. But precision medicine in Asia? Should you be setting your sights on this region? 

Crazy Rich Asians: It Takes More Than a Big Bankroll to Play in Southeast Asia’s Startup Ecosystem

Interest in Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem continues to rise as two of the region’s most popular unicorns, Grab and Go-Jek, grab headlines with multi-billion-dollar funding rounds this year. 

Top Tech Trends: Flying Cars to Baby Formula

We’ve taken the time to sort through the recent companies, technologies, and trends we’ve analyzed to find the things we’re seeing that you need to know about. 

Singapore International Energy Week 2018 Recap

Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2018 opened with the 36th ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting and closed with the Sembcorp-EMA Energy Challenge—a fitting start and end, as key policymakers discussed the proper regulatory frameworks for energy in the region, while university students found creative new ways to disrupt the energy system as we know it today. 

The 7 Essential Elements of Tech Innovation

Finding the next big idea, and executing quickly, can be the hardest part of the technology innovation process. 

Top Chemicals and Materials Companies Leading Innovation

While the chemicals and materials industry is centuries old, it still requires innovation, particularly in using new digital technologies to drive growth in the face of market challenges.

How the CRISPR Alphabet Soup Can Make You a Trillion Dollars

Genome editing is primed to develop the next-generation of crops, livestock, ingredients, and diagnostics, putting it at the leading edge of product development for markets in the trillions of dollars. 

Automakers Bet Big on Augmented Reality

AR in the automotive space has seen a large uptick in development activity in the past several years, especially as AR in the vehicle eliminates the major limitations seen in head-worn consumer AR devices.

The Top Innovation Questions Your Peers Are Asking About in 2018

What are the technologies and trends keeping global innovation executives up at night? 

Cardiogram Differentiates in Analytics Field by Enticing its Clients to Become Data Providers

Most smartwatches today are equipped with heart rate monitors and continuously track user heart rates over the entire day. 

HP Makes Wise Bet on Metal 3D Printing, But Faces Significant Competition

Only time will tell whether Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s bet on metal 3D printing will prove to be a sound business investment. 

Technology Trends to Watch in 2018: Solid-State Batteries

While a bit under the radar compared to more-hyped technologies like machine learning, solid-state batteries have been on a steady run-up in innovation interest since 2009 or so, suggesting they are getting ready to break through. 

Lux Executive Summit Asia will be back in Tokyo on October 17th

We are excited to announce that Lux Executive Summit Asia is returning to Tokyo in 2018!

Technology Trends to Watch in 2018: Microbiome

Every year, Lux uses its primary research engine to stay on top of key emerging tech innovations and trends across all of our coverage areas to develop a report on the “Top Technologies to Watch in 20XX” based on our analysts’ findings.

A Strategic View of Digital Transformation

While the level of digital maturity at a given company varies greatly depending on industry and location in the value chain, there is a universal need for a simple guide on how to go about bringing digital transformation to complex organizations.

The Innovation Force Shaping Xi Jinping’s Future China

China’s rise as a global tech powerhouse has been well documented in the media this year – everything from shedding its copycat image to the speed in which its happening. 

Transformative Technologies for Your Business

An essential job for any corporate innovation function is to spot the technologies on the horizon today that are going to become the big growth opportunities – or big disruptive threats – of the future. 

Quality Over Quantity: The Complex Case Behind Present and Future Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Driven by global EV adoption, Li-ion battery manufacturing is expected to expand significantly in the next three years. 

Understanding Maturing Application Areas for Hydrophobic Coatings

Hydrophobic coatings, which repel liquids due to a high solid-liquid interfacial energy, have been aggressively developed over the last three years for a variety of applications in infrastructure, aerospace, automotive, textiles, electronics, and packaging.