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Energy's Hottest Topics & Best Tech Start-Ups of 2019

Yuan-Sheng Yu, Senior Analyst
February 26, 2020

We recently conducted an analysis of the hottest innovation topics and best tech startups across our energy research. In that analysis, we found that two energy-related topics made the top 10 for highest prevalence of positively rated companies – energy storage and upstream energy feedstocks.

To kick off 2020, our energy team took a closer look at the energy sector and reviewed what topics emerged and which companies rose to the top during an event-filled year in the energy transition. Out of all the companies the energy team profiled in 2019, 47 were rated a "Positive" or "Strong Positive." 

Within this elite club, which topics beyond energy storage and upstream energy feedstock made our list?

Lux Research's Positively Rated Energy Companies in 2019

All were based on primary interviews, summed up in a company profile rated by the experts on the energy team. Energy storage has the most positively rated companies in 2019, with 28% of all positively rated energy companies in 2019 tagged to the topic.

With the energy storage market forecasted to grow to $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035, the future of the industry depends on innovations in Li-ion battery anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials led by several of the positively rated companies in this space.

Upstream energy feedstock is a close second in positively rated companies and is composed of several automation, sensing, and analytics companies as the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry continues to accelerate. This trend is informative because our analysts and the data at their fingertips serve as a sensing mechanism for worthwhile companies and are not only uncovering interesting companies but also how these companies play a pivotal role in the larger trends and themes of the global energy transition.

Here are the top companies in the top energy topics:

Energy Top Companies

Lastly, we can look at some of the top companies by score to understand what it takes to rise to the top of our coverage. For this, we sorted by that composite score but also filtered down to companies founded from 2016 onward to find the top energy companies emerging more recently. The top three companies by those constraints were as follows (Note: Given that Titan Advanced Energy Solutions was selected as a top company across the entire Lux ecosystem, we opted to pick the company following it):

  • SeekOps: SeekOps develops drone-based methane detection sensors that utilize open-cavity tunable diode laser spectrometry specifically tuned to the mid-infrared range, where the absorption of methane is more than 200 times stronger. Founded in 2017, the company licenses the technology from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where it was originally developed for gas sensing on Mars.


  • Ion Energy: Ion Energy develops a battery management platform for Li-ion batteries in mobility and stationary applications. The company relies on a licensing model in which customers license a design for a battery management system board that fits the desired application. By using third-party manufacturing and reducing R&D overhead, the company can save customers 30% to 45% per battery management system board while still offering capabilities like connectivity with user devices, data logging, and over-the-air updates, in addition to the typical battery management system capabilities.


  • Memsift Innovations: Memsift develops advanced hollow-fiber PVDF membranes that are highly hydrophobic, prevent pore wetting, and are robust to solvents and high operating temperatures. Founded in 2018, the company has already piloted several systems and secured its first engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and build, own, and operate (BOO) contracts in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry, respectively.


While this represents a collection of the top-rated companies to hit our radar in 2019, it does not capture all the startups that garnered the most attention last year.

Contact us to learn more about our energy topics and other companies we cover extensively.





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