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Energy's 2020 Midterm Update: The Best Tech Startups & Groundbreaking Developments

Yuan-Sheng Yu, Senior Analyst
August 10, 2020

Earlier this year, the Lux Energy Team conducted an analysis to highlight the hottest energy topics and which companies rose to the top during an event-filled 2019 in the energy transition. With the pace of activity picking up, we felt it would be valuable to provide a midterm update to start off the second half of the year. In this blog, we identify the best tech startups in the energy space that we interviewed and highlight the most important industry developments in the first six months of the year. See the following blog post for more details on the four new storylines launched this year.

Out of all the companies the Energy Team profiled, 26 were rated “Positive” or “Strong Positive” across six topics.

The Top Energy Companies With A Positive Rating From Lux Research in 1H 2020

The team has also been tracking the energy space, covering more than 300 individual developments during the first half of the year. These innovation-related events span from partnerships and investments to new research and new factories and include information about the companies involved and our own takes on the developments. 

Lux Research 1H 2020 Review

To highlight the "truly disruptive" and "very important" developments so far this year, we have selected the most read and discussed news items.

Another major development in the first half of the year has also obviously been COVID-19. You can find all the relevant resources from Lux Research on our COVID-19 here. This page which contains a wide range of research on the impact of COVID-19 on innovation, industries, and how the world will likely respond in the coming months. A few pieces we like to highlight specifically include an insight on the industries it will help create, a report on the impact on tech innovation, and a corresponding webinar on preparing for the aftershocks.



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