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Genius 2020: Innovation Showcase Announced

Lux Research
September 3, 2020

Genius 2020 is a global forum for leaders tackling innovation challenges. Formerly known as the Lux Executive Summit, this annual event brings together executives and global industry thought leaders to discuss best practices for staying on the cutting edge. This year's theme is: Innovation for the Next Economy.

Genius 2020 -  Innovation Showcase

Due to global travel concerns with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding this year’s event virtually. Participants experience unparalleled networking opportunities that can result in transformative partnerships. Now entering our 16th year, this event has grown to include representatives from more than 100 companies across 20 industries.

At Lux, we are obsessed with helping companies drive growth through tech innovation. We use proprietary data science tools and expert analysis to identify and understand which emerging technologies are poised to succeed and which are empty hype. As part of this year's event, we will be holding a Virtual Innovation Showcase. The showcase will give event attendees an opportunity to interact with and hear elevator pitches from hand selected rising stars of the innovation community. 

We are very pleased to announce the following companies as participants in our Genius 2020 Innovation Showcase.


19Labs has developed GALE, a next generation healthcare platform for remote care at home, rural communities, and employers. We bring the full clinic experience to where the patients are, seamlessly integrating RPM, smart diagnostic and AI. From patient interface, through smart devices to the physician experience, 19Labs connects the dots with a complete, inviting experience.

Arcanum Alloys

Arcanum Alloys' breakthrough technology is redefining the industrial metallurgical process that has remained essentially unchanged for more than a century. Their proprietary platform technology, spatially optimized diffusion alloy (SODA™), applies state-of-the-art vapor deposition techniques to decouple surface properties from the bulk properties of metals. 



Citrine Informatics is the award-winning materials informatics platform for data-driven materials and chemicals development. It won the 2017 World Materials Forum Start-up Challenge, the 2018 AI Breakthrough award as the "Best AI-based Solution for Manufacturing," and 2020 Cleantech 100 honors. The Citrine Platform combines smart materials data infrastructure and AI, which accelerates development of cutting-edge materials, facilitates product portfolio optimization, and codifies research IP, enabling its reuse and preventing its loss. Citrine's  customers  include  Panasonic,  BASF, LANXESS, and some of the biggest and most respected names in the materials and chemicals industry in Asia, North America, and Europe.



Drishti Technologies provides video analytics and video traceability for manual assembly lines. Our discrete manufacturing customers stream video from each station into the cloud, where our software creates incredible volumes of lean production data. Your engineers, supervisors, trainers and operators use this data to make better decisions, faster — with each data point backed by video. Forget incremental, step-by-step improvement. Drishti’s purpose is to improve the entire system all at once. Our customers make giant leaps in productivity, quality and training.


Elaphe Propulsion Technologies-PNG


Elaphe’s mission is to relieve some of the stress we humans put on our planet through radically changing transportation with innovative and disruptive technologies. Founded in 2006, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. is a leading EU-based developer and manufacturer of in-wheel electric propulsion systems. The Elaphe in-wheel powertrain platform includes motors, power electronics and intelligent multiple-motor propulsion control. Elaphe's achievements include the world's highest-performance in-wheel-powered applications to date. Patented and innovative electromagnetic and mechanical designs for in-wheel propulsion enable Elaphe™ products to be tailored for specific ranges of torque and power to fit most vehicle configurations. This increases vehicle available space and efficiency and reduces weight, which enables innovative manufacturers to break from the traditional restraints of vehicle design, and build bold new products better suited for the rapidly changing mobility needs of tomorrow.


Eyeris provides an in-cabin automotive monitoring system solution.



Genomatica is harnessing synthetic biology to remake the world of everyday products and materials through the power of clean manufacturing. The company is developing more sustainable, higher-performance key ingredients for everyday products, using plants and waste rather than fossil fuels or other non-sustainable sources like palm oil. Genomatica has already commercialized products to make better plastics, spandex and personal care products, and is working on nylon, household cleaners and more.

GTTInc-Color Logo


GTT is a technology innovation company that has developed, patented and commercialized an environmentally friendly, water-free, textile finishing technology. The company business model is to sell the chemistry and license the process technology. GTT’s platform technology involves unique chemistry, process, and equipment. GTT’s finishing can be used for Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finishing, water-free dyeing (WFD), combined one-step DWR+WFD, or a laundry-durable, antimicrobial/antiviral finish.
Inpher Inpher is a tool for analytics and machine learning on encrypted data.
Ionix-Advanced-Technologies Ionix Advanced Technologies is a key enabler of plant digitalisation within the Industrial IoT (IIoT) space. Industrial plant digitalisation is a key driver across a wide range of sectors, including energy and nuclear, oil and gas, aerospace and process industries. A range of IIoT applications based on Ionix technology includes Corrosion Monitoring, Crack Monitoring, Flow Monitoring and Process Control applications.
Itaconix provides a poly(itaconic acid) for applications in home care, personal care, and industrial chemicals.


Kairos Aerospace provides basin-wide aerial survey methane detection to identify and prioritize repair of the largest leaks. The distribution of methane emissions is strongly skewed, with most methane coming from a small number of large leaks. This creates an actionable opportunity for oil and gas producers to reduce their methane emissions by repairing a relatively small number of large leaks. Kairos is currently putting its technology into action by conducting the first-of-its-kind surveys of the entire Permian Basin, the world’s largest oilfield.

Li-Cycle's technology provides mechanical and hydrometallurgical recovery of Li-ion battery materials.
Nanosys-Logo Nanosys, Inc researches, develops and manufactures light-emitting Quantum Dot (QD) technologies for use in a wide range of applications from displays to agriculture.
Novi RGB (1) Novi’s machine learning driven AI software builds analytical datasets and predictive models that drive accurate and automated well production forecasts. These tools improve outcomes and increase efficiency across the asset life cycle from BD/A&D, to evaluating appraisal and stepouts, to automating routine workflows in full development.


Ontera was founded with the idea that better information is needed to enhance human and environmental health in a sustainable way. The company aims to revolutionize diagnostics with its single-molecule detection platforms based on proprietary biochemistry and silicon nanopore chip-based sensors. The platforms will bring next-generation molecular diagnostics closer to the point of need, anywhere on earth.

Paraclete Energy Logo Paraclete Energy, Inc, manufactures high-capacity, cycle-stable, oxide-free silicon that has a capacity of 3,590 mAh/g for the lithium-ion battery market. Our silicon is priced like graphite dollar per kilowatt-hour. We can supply grams to tons today



PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra low cost flexible electronics, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments. Our unique technology platform delivers flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) that are thinner than a human hair and can be easily embedded into everyday objects. PragmatIC's solutions provide the opportunity to add new functionality, as well as extending proven applications such as RFID and NFC into mass market use cases previously prohibited by the cost of traditional silicon ICs. Our novel, differentiated products are being adopted by a growing base of global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, retail, pharmaceutical and security sectors.



Purissima is a wellness ingredient company. We evolve the powerful biological production capabilities of proprietary microorganisms to produce pure, natural ingredients, made-to-order at commercial scale for personal care, health, and nutrition. Our process offers broad access to healthy ingredients in high demand and many not practical to commercialize from natural sources. Purissima reduces supply chain vulnerability & complexity and enables transformative business model improvements by massively reducing working capital in the natural ingredient supply chain.

Ridecell helps companies build and operate profitable mobility businesses, including digital sales, private leases, short-term subscriptions, digital access to commercial fleets, and shared mobility. Ridecell customers maximize three key profit drivers: customer experience, fleet utilization, & operational efficiency.

Righthand Robotics


RightHand Robotics builds is a data-driven, intelligent picking platform that provides flexible and scalable automation for predictable order fulfillment.

Saltworks Technologies


Saltworks provides cutting-edge products and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. Our goal is to treat the toughest wastewaters at the lowest total cost and environmental footprint. We focus on recycling and reuse, removing specific contaminants, and concentrating brine for minimal and zero liquid discharge.



Sense Labs' mission is to make all homes intelligent by keeping people informed about what's happening in their homes, and helping to make homes safer, more efficient, and more reliable. Founded in 2013 by pioneers in speech recognition, Sense uses machine learning technology to provide real-time insights on device behavior, even for those devices that are not "smart." Customers rely on Sense for a wide range of uses including monitoring their home appliances, determining whether they left appliances running and identifying how to reduce their energy costs. Sense has received investments from two of the world’s largest energy technology companies, Schneider Electric and Landis + Gyr.

Senslytics Corporation

Senslytics provides AI for early detection of physical state changes in chemicals, geology, and biology.



Sinequa provides secure, production-scale, intelligent search technology that connects people with the information, expertise and insights necessary to make information-driven decisions. This enables information workers at your company to provide a topic and see everything your organization knows about it.



Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of all solid-state rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and mobile power markets. With considerably higher energy and greatly improved safety, ASSBs have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets. Established in 2012, our world-class team of battery researchers and engineers are engaged in both new material development and manufacturing scale-up in our Colorado-based facility.

TITAN new logo - long Titan Advanced Energy Solutions' mission is to accelerate global electrification and decarbonization by optimizing lithium-ion battery energy storage for a clean, safe, and sustainable future. They examine the molecular interaction within batteries using ultrasound and advanced computation. TITAN designs and develops advanced electronics to accurately measure the ultrasonic signal. 


Featured Showcase Participant - IBM

IBMFor 75 years, IBM Research has been propelling innovation for IBM, from the first programmable computers to the quantum computers of today. More than anything, our goal is to catalyze and drive the advancements that shape our world. With more than 3,000 researchers across the globe, we are anticipating, examining, and inventing what’s next in science and technology every single day.


The Innovation Showcase runs throughout the duration of our virtual event, beginning at 10 am ET on Monday, September 21st through 9:00 am ET on Friday, September 25th.

For more information about Genius 2020, please visit our event page.

If you have questions about attending Genius 2020 or if you are interested in participating in the Innovation Showcase, please contact us.


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