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Hydrogen’s Role in Our Future

Runeel Daliah, Analyst
March 20, 2019

The future of a hydrogen economy has long been tied to the transportation sector, where electric vehicles, by far, overtook fuel cell vehicles. Here at Lux, we believe that the roadmap for achieving a hydrogen economy runs through the industrial sector.

The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has increased interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen. Stakeholders in the energy industry have long hoped for a hydrogen economy for deep decarbonization of the global energy system, with green hydrogen generated from water electrolysis as the linchpin of this transition.

Lux Research - Green Hydrogen Industrial Sector Economy

In our recent report, we examined the state of innovation and investment in hydrogen. Before delving into specific approaches for decarbonizing the industrial sector using renewable hydrogen, we outlined the key technologies and processes that shape alternative energy application in both the transportation and power generation space.

To this day most of the innovation in fuel cells has largely been driven by automakers and OEMs. But, it must be remembered that hydrogen is, first and foremost, an essential feedstock for the refining and chemicals industry. So, it stands to reason that the industrial sector, not the transportation sector, should be the bedrock for hydrogen technology innovation.

Lux Research - Green Hydrogen Industrial Sector

As renewable energy sources rise, these techniques can decouple hydrogen generation and CO2 emissions to provide the chemical sector with a zero-carbon hydrogen feedstock. Attention and investment in such industrial applications continues to grow with numerous projects launched, primarily in Europe, using water electrolysis.  

While we make the case for why "a hydrogen economy needs to make industrial use a priority," our report also highlights some of the challenges hydrogen innovation faces as well as implementation details for addressing the challenges and details on projects that are already underway. For more information, download our executive summary or join check out the replay of my recent webinar, The Future Role of Green Hydrogen.






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