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LES Global 2019 Highlights: Arij van Berkel

Lux Research
May 13, 2019

Our Research Director Arij Van Berkel  kicked off this year's Lux Executive Summit Global with the topic Innovating Innovation: Re-evaluating Roles, Process, and Results. See the highlights from Arij's presentation below, and stay on the lookout for more from us on the topic of Innovating Innovation.

Innovation management is currently in the same stage that manufacturing management was in the 1980s. So, how do we innovate innovation? We need data and automation within our process in addition to clear metrics. Tools are already available, and we have many of them. However, tools mean nothing if we don't integrate and use them effectively.

Currently, R&D spending is outpacing revenue, making innovation investment increasingly inefficient. You must innovate innovation for a greater return on investment. Moving from Innovation Management 1.0 to Innovation 2.0 requires enablement of data and automation, plus a fully integrated toolset. You can use the Lux Tech Signal to support those efforts. You can go from from monitoring a set of technologies to getting the full picture of patents, papers, investment, etc. in a few clicks - this data-driven approach is a first glimpse of Innovation Management 2.0

So what's your next move? It's time to innovate innovation.

More Information About Lux Executive Summit Global:

At this year's Lux Executive Summit Global industry leaders gathered to explore innovation opportunities, harness emerging tools, and network with other leaders in the space. This year's conference theme was "Evolving Your Innovation Journey," and the event took place over two days in Boston, Massachusetts

Every year the summit will includes keynote speakers from various industries and a Lux speaker from each of our four areas of focus: Digital Transformation; Owning the Energy Transition; Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health; Accelerating Materials Innovation. To learn more about the key takeaways from this year's conference check out our LES Highlights on demand webinar. 

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