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Lux Executive Summit 2019: Start-Up Showcase Announced

Lux Research
March 28, 2019

The Lux Executive Summit is the global forum for industry leaders tackling innovation challenges. This year's conference will take place over two days in Boston, bringing together executives and global industry thought leaders to discuss best practices for staying on the cutting edge, and experience unparalleled networking opportunities that build the relationships needed to thrive.

At Lux, we are obsessed with helping companies drive real growth through tech innovation. We use proprietary data science and expert analysis to identify and understand the right emerging technologies that will drive growth. We’ve been doing it for more than 16 years and we are honored to serve a global client base from multiple industries. This year's theme is Evolving Your Innovation Journey. As part of this year's summit, we will be holding a Start-up Showcase on April 23rd. The showcase will give conference attendees an opportunity to interact with and hear elevator pitches from hand selected rising stars of the innovation community. 

We are very pleased to announce the following companies as participants in our 2019 Start-up Showcase, at the Lux Executive Summit Global.

Alchemy: Workflow mapping software for specialty chemical companies

Ampaire: Battery electric powertrain retrofits for small aircraft

Boston Materials: 3D reinforced carbon fiber composites 

Cerahelix: DNA-templated ceramic nanofiltration membranes

ClimaCell: Weather forecasting with high spatial and time resolution

Cyclica: Drug discovery using biophysics, artificial intelligence, and systems biology

DUST Identity: Authentication technology for physical products

FormLabs: Desktop professional stereolithography 3D printers

Ginkgo Bioworks: Develops automated, high-throughput synthetic biology platform for engineering microbial strains

Ingu Solutions: Small inline sensors for pipeline monitoring and leak detection

Inside Tracker (Segterra): Software platform for automated, personalized health and wellness recommendations 

Kebotix: Materials discovery using artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics simulations

Moltex Energy: Modular molten salt nuclear fission reactors

Nano One Materials: Nanostructured cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

NuCurrent: Wireless charging antennas and systems for mobile wearable devices

Nuvve: Electric vehicle charging station management platform for vehicle-to-grid (V2G)

Quantoz: Blockchain-based products for IoT and supply chain microtransactions

Raptor Maps, Inc.: Drone inspection software for solar analytics and maintenance 

Reveal Energy Services: Pressure-based frack mapping 

Tecta-PDS: Rapid, automated microbial monitoring in water

Vestaron: Biopesticides derived from naturally-occurring spider venom peptides

The startup showcase is an all-day event (7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.) on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Renaissance Waterfront in Boston, MA. For more information please visit the Lux Executive Summit Global 2019 event page.

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