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Lux’s New Homepage is a Personalized Experience, Tailoring Innovation Opportunities for You

Cosmin Laslau, Ph.D., Director, Research Products
May 20, 2020

Lux publishes a lot of content on emerging technologies in the energy, chemicals & materials, agrifood and health, digital, and mobility spaces. This content comes from Lux analysts that help clients with:

  • Get up-to-speed on and monitor technologies with interactive visualizations​
  • Evaluate companies based on our primary and secondary research​
  • Analyze the state of the market with reports on a given industry
  • Track competitive landscapes and key players in a space​
  • Stay knowledgeable about breaking news and its impact​

To help clients connect with the most relevant pieces for their interests and goals, we have introduced a new, personalized homepage for the Lux Member Site. Our software looks at the companies, technologies, and searches a user follows, as well as their reading history to pinpoint the most relevant research content.

Lux Research Homepage
The New Lux Research Homepage

With this new feature, clients can:

  1. Discover relevant insights: Find new content from Lux Research that is related to specific interests, based on the companies and technologies followed, saved searches, and reading history.

  2. See all information at a glance: The new left-hand column conveniently shows reading history and search history, making it easy to continue where you last left off, or revisit previous favorite pieces of research.

  3. Jump into inquiries: Clients can see the most recent inquiries they've asked Lux analysts. Clicking on the inquiry titles takes you to read the full inquiry responses. There is also an "expand" link to view all reading history in My Lux. 

The below animations highlight more about each of the features outlined above.

First, within the personalized feed, each content card now explains why it was selected. For example, based on a followed technology or a saved search:


In addition to this personalized feed of recent research, there is an option to switch over to a direct listing of our most recent research. This filter doesn’t personalize the content it shares, but instead allows a user to browse all recent research. There is one additional filter option, which shows our upcoming research agenda.


The left-hand side of the homepage summarizes all of a user’s key information, including inquiries asked of our analysts, reading and search history, and followed companies and technologies. It also provides the contact information for a user’s account manager and client engagement manager, who are available to answer any questions about our research.


Lux is dedicated to providing clients with the best tools and resources to help them on their innovation journeys. For more information on Lux content or the Lux Member Site, please reach out to our team.




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