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Automotive Battery Trends: Incremental Innovations Featured Heavily at the AABC Europe 2019

This year's AABC Europe conference saw a change in location, moving from Germany to France. As always, the conference was a must-attend event due to the high quality of speakers and the balance of technical and market discussions.

China's Booming AI Industry: What You Need to Know

Not only is China gearing up to lead innovation in fundamental AI technologies but is also rapidly implementing AI in the marketplace. Clearly, this offers significant opportunities as well as poses challenges

Real Tech: Capturing Emerging Innovation Opportunities in Climate and Sustainability

Climate change and sustainability are at the top of innovation executives' agendas, now more than ever.

How Ingredient Informatics Are Revolutionizing The Way We Develop Foods

Something we have been talking about at Lux lately is converting weak signals into strong insights. Recently, one space those weak signals have been culminating in is what we call "ingredient informatics" (analogous to materials informatics).

Startup Consolidation Imminent Despite Another Record-Breaking Year for Electric Mobility Investment

Electric mobility venture funding had another record year in 2018, during which Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) and electric scooter startups raised hundreds of millions in funding and achieved billion-dollar valuations at breakneck speeds.

Single-Use Disposable Cups Are Stacking Up Critics – What's Next?

Single-use paper cups are becoming a growing target of public scrutiny. Large brands that rely on these disposable items, namely fast food joints and coffee shops, have larger environmental concerns with their resource-intensive international supply networks; however, there is no denying that cups are one of the most frequent reminders of a brand’s name.

Emerging Opportunities in the Alternative Proteins Space

The alternative proteins space has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. The consumption of traditional protein sources like meat and seafood has declined, and multiple drivers are encouraging the development of alternative protein sources.

Three Crucial Questions Answered By Deep Tech Experts

We recently presented a webinar on our report “19 for 2019: Top Transformational Technologies Re-shaping the World” to more than 1,300 innovation executives, and we received a lot of thought-provoking questions. 

The Periodic Table of Digital Innovations for the Chemical Industry

We are frequently asked by clients at chemical and material companies what major digital innovations are poised to affect their industry, and we have highlighted four of the most critical digital trends and discussed their impact on the industry's business model.

Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain has a ton of hype, in part due to its link to cryptocurrencies and the hype around them, which has resulted in investments in blockchain reaching an all-time high of more than $12 billion in 2018 and use cases for blockchain sprouting like weeds

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