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5 Emerging technologies for the aging population

Aging-in-place solutions look to support graceful and comfortable aging in familiar surroundings with near term opportunities. There are at least five different digital technologies today that are already finding use cases to support aging-in-place:

#LuxTake: Emerging Challenges & Solutions in AI

In this blog, we will share our #LuxTake on the challenges and emerging solutions in AI. Emerging tools can solve some challenges in implementing AI; however, technology readiness varies greatly. 

Will Tesla Ever Make Money?

Elon Musk's vision for Tesla may not have included profitability when it was founded, its existence is now threatened by its inability to make money.

The Best Time to Form a Materials Informatics Strategy Is Now

The time is now to form a materials informatics (MI) strategy. MI sits at the center of materials innovation, and because of its datacentric nature, whoever invests in it first will gain a significant advantage after overcoming the steep learning curve.

Lux Research Establishes AI's Role in Unleashing Intelligent Sensing

Lux's new report includes a detailed look at market & technology drivers for AI-defined sensors, top use cases & key players by vertical market, & a heat map tracking adoption of sensors across industries.  

Navigating the ai hype: an outcome-focused framework

Companies and decision makers need to be wary about the hype surrounding AI and learn how to best approach artificial intelligence.

LES Global 2019 Highlights: Arij van Berkel

Our Research Director Arij Van Berkel  kicked off this year's Lux Executive Summit Global with the topic of Innovating Innovation, Re-evaluating Roles, Process, and Results.

Is the Food Industry Moving Beyond Meat?

Alternative protein investment, innovation momentum, & product sales are on the rise, but it’s still a difficult space for companies to navigate. Those wishing to maneuver in the alternative protein space need a thoughtful approach.

Speed up your digital health strategy today – your healthcare regulators already are!

Healthcare regulators have been reviewing & revising their guidelines on how to better enable health technology developers to pursue innovation, without having regulations hamper progress.


We define a circular economy as converting waste to either a virgin-quality feedstock or another higher-value product. In our recent report, we detail the challenges and opportunities in converting waste to fuels, chemicals, materials, feed, fertilizer, food, cellulose pulp, and carbon black.

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