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5 Technologies for the Automotive Sector to Watch

While COVID-19 presented financial challenges to the industry, automakers cannot afford to overlook long-term innovation, as the pandemic has accelerated timelines for adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the 5 technologies mobility innovation leaders need to watch in this blog.

Food and Agriculture's Top 5 Technologies For 2021

Our report takes a deep look at the agrifood ecosystem and reviews what topics emerged and which technologies rose to the top during 2020. Our analysis of the hottest innovation topics and best tech startups found the top five technologies food and agriculture leaders should look to in 2021.

2020 Year in Review: The Food Company of 2050

Major food and beverage players are facing constant pressure to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving food industry, in line with changing consumer preferences. Reflecting on 2020, our experts take a look back at some of the most important developments that occurred in the Food Company of 2050 storyline.

Event Recap: CES 2021 The Future Of Smart & Connected Consumer Products

In this blog, our digital transformation experts summarize the two key takeaways from the CES 2021 with respect to the future of smart and connected consumer products and ecosystems.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up February 5, 2021

Get expert opinions on the latest emerging technology and innovation news for the first week of February. Today's round-up includes our analysts' coverage of SpaceX, Shell, ExxonMobil, L'Oréal, AutoX, and McDonald's.

The Top Chemicals and Materials Startups of 2020

The chemicals and materials industry is going to see massive disruption in the next 20 years. Our experts have identified the top startups leading the evolution of the industry.

2020 Year in Review: Evolution of Energy Networks

Energy networks are growing more distributed, interconnected, and interchangeable, driven by technologies that can accommodate the ever-increasing amounts of cheap solar and wind.  As we're a month into 2021, we take a look back at some of the most important developments that occurred in the Evolution of Energy Networks storyline.

Which Packaging Trends Survived The Coronavirus Pandemic?

In this blog, our expert, Drishti Masand, highlights the top trends that impacted packaging during 2020,  and makes predictions for 2021.

Event Recap: Mobility Innovations At CES 2021

A global pandemic wasn't able to stop the world's largest consumer electronics showcase from happening, although this year marked a noticeably quieter event than most. However, a small CES is still a major event, check out our key takeaways from this year's event in this blog.

The Top 20 Energy Startups of 2020

Based on interviews with key startups in the energy space, our analysts have published a list of the top 20 startups in 2020. Many of the startups within this elite group have already gained commercial traction in their respective applications. With renewed interest from investors in cleantech in the past year, we expect an influx of capital to support promising startups and go toward several unworthy ones as well.

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