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Speed up your digital health strategy today – your healthcare regulators already are!

Healthcare regulators have been reviewing & revising their guidelines on how to better enable health technology developers to pursue innovation, without having regulations hamper progress.


We define a circular economy as converting waste to either a virgin-quality feedstock or another higher-value product. In our recent report, we detail the challenges and opportunities in converting waste to fuels, chemicals, materials, feed, fertilizer, food, cellulose pulp, and carbon black.

How Made in China 2025 will influence the material and chemical industry

Since its launch in 2015, China's strategic plan Made in China 2025 has gathered attention around the globe. It represents China's ambition to shift from the world's factory for cheap and low-quality products to the world's provider of higher-value-added products and services. 

The Final Frontier: Unlocking the Potential of the Commercial Spaceflight Industry

Organizations like Bank of America and Merril Lynch think the potential space market could grow to around $3 trillion USD in the next 20 years. With growth of this size, there is a huge opportunity for new materials and technologies. 

What You Need to Know About Blockchain

While many companies are anxious to implement blockchain, few actually understand the true benefits of blockchain, where it should be used, or what type of blockchain implementation to adopt.

Lux Executive Summit 2019: Speakers Announced

Organizations today face mounting pressure to demonstrate stronger results from their innovation efforts. Now is the time to reassess the methodology behind your innovation processes. 

Biodegradation, Biocomposites, and the Future of Bioplastics in Southeast Asia

Lux recently had the opportunity to give the opening speech at this year's Bioplastics Market Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Lux Executive Summit 2019: Start-Up Showcase Announced

This year's conference will take place over two days in Boston, bringing together executives and global industry thought leaders to discuss best practices for staying on the cutting edge, and experience unparalleled networking opportunities that build the relationships needed to thrive.

Tesla Staggers, Nio Pivots; No Easy Road to EV Mass Adoption

The promise of cheap and convenient electric transportation is shaping up to be more difficult than even the EV leaders realize. 

Hydrogen’s Role in Our Future

The future of a hydrogen economy has long been tied to the transportation sector, where electric vehicles, by far, overtook fuel cell vehicles. Here at Lux, we believe that the roadmap for achieving a hydrogen economy runs through the industrial sector.

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