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The Lagging Cybersecurity Front of Digital Health

While the proliferation of intelligent medical devices, wellness platforms, and cloud computing is certainly advancing health IoT, they lag when it comes to cybersecurity protocols. As the field evolves, promising technologies may unknowingly contain cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can range anywhere from creating legal concerns to even injury and fatalities. It is vital to realize how vulnerabilities manifest, identify modes of attack, and act on fixing these vulnerabilities without delay.

Should You Worry About Path Dependence In Sustainable Materials?

Some companies have developed a clever solution for the problem of plastic waste pollution in the developing world: Convert discarded plastics into building materials like bricks and tiles. This approach kills several birds with one stone, addressing the ills of plastic waste and displacing other energy-intensive materials, all while providing local economic opportunities in areas that often sorely need them. As such, they represent an ideal solution that organizations that care about sustainable materials should strive to emulate. Or do they? 

Case Study: Using a digital marketplace model to create value in women's health

As health platforms take on more consumer-centric business models, some have opted to develop digital marketplaces to format their services. One such company is Nabta Health, which develops a women's health platform for personalized care. Learn more from our case study.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up July 9, 2021

Lux Research analysts provide their expert opinions on the past week's biggest innovation developments. Get the #LuxTake on major headlines from Tesla, Fulcrum, Meati Foods, Evonik, and more.

MicroLED Technology and Application Status Update

In this blog, our senior analyst, Vladimir Roznyatovskiy summarizes the key issues for microLED technology and looks at maturity for various applications, as well as the limitations of different approaches that display makers pursue.

Workforce 4.0: The Future of Work

A confluence of megatrends will unleash an era of Workforce 4.0 – an era where intelligent machines, driven by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, will work alongside humans, augmenting some tasks and automating others. This transformation to Workforce 4.0, which has already begun, is occurring along four major dimensions as outlined in this blog.

COVID-19 Exacerbated the Symptoms of an Already-Sick Health System, and Long-Tail Symptoms are Pointing the Way to Fixing It

It's been a little over a year since the worst pandemic in a century closed businesses and homes to the outside world. Now, with the hope of multiple vaccines and both countries and companies beginning to advance through reopening processes, it's time to start preparing for the long tail of long-term COVID-19 symptoms that are manifesting months post-infection.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up July 2, 2021

Lux Research analysts provide their expert opinions on the past week's biggest innovation developments. Get the #LuxTake on major headlines from PepsiCo, Ford, Patagonia, Sika, Unibio, LineVision, and more.

Key Players Within Aquaculture Innovation

To help guide you toward opportunities within the sustainable aquaculture technology landscape, Lux has identified five technology groups: aquaculture systems, environmental management, feed management, health management, and supply chain management. In this blog, our expert, Laura Krishfield, identifies and analyzes key developers to define emerging trends in aquaculture innovation and provide insights on how to engage in the space.

Event Recap: Key Takeaways From Circularity 21

Our Analyst, Drishti Masand, outlines the major takeaways from the GreenBiz Circularity 21 conference, a three-day event focused on discussing circular economy strategies across consumer packaged goods industries – from food and beverages to electronics, with everything in between.

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