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3 Ways The Wuhan Coronavirus Will Not Be The Next Great Influenza

As typically happens in the face of a global pandemic, the Wuhan coronavirus is drawing comparisons to the Great Influenza of 1918. However, for the first time in human history, there are digital tools sufficiently advanced enough to support healthcare infrastructure in the face of pandemic disease.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up January 31, 2020

Expert insights on major tech industry news and trends involving sustainability, 3D-printing, robotics, the skin microbiome, & energy for mobility. Read our #LuxTake on the News every Friday to stay up to date on the week's headlines.

No Single Technology to Dominate the Future of Plastic Recycling

As the economics of plastic waste recycling are in continuous flux, with political and economic forces impacting the direction of the technologies, no single technology will take a commanding market lead in the long-term future. 

5 Major Digital Health Trends to Impact 2020

Looking back on the digital health and wellness industry in 2019, our experts, Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D & Danielle Bradnan, saw five major industry trends that will continue to have impact into 2020. 

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up January 24, 2020

Our researchers evaluate news based on potential importance ranking developments from Truly Disruptive to Ignore. Every week you can check out their thoughts on the week's top emerging technology and innovation headlines across all industries.

Can Innovation Stop a Global Pandemic?

There is an unfolding medical drama in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in which a previously unknown coronavirus has infected hundreds of people in the region. This leads us to ask the question: Can innovation stop this global pandemic? Let's look at some of the opportunities for tech to intervene.

Chemicals and Materials in the Spotlight at Davos

Chemical and materials firms have been throwing themselves into efforts to deal with plastic waste and build out recycling capacity, touting efforts to promote diversity, and signing on to statements about business promoting the interests of all stakeholders.

The Future of meat is... protein

Alternative protein investment, innovation momentum, & product sales are on the rise, but it’s still a difficult space for companies to navigate. Those wishing to maneuver in the alternative protein space need a thoughtful approach.

China and South Korea Emerge as Global Innovation Powerhouses

Asia has driven a boom in innovation in recent years in terms of R&D spending, venture capital funding, academic publications, and patents. However, it is difficult to bucket the entire region’s ecosystem into one category, as the population, economic status, and innovation strategy vary greatly.

Three Key Themes Among the Top Tech for 2020

In looking at our 20 for 20 list, we identified three key themes among the top tech for the new year. This year's technologies fall into three categories; renaissance technologies, platform technologies and breakthrough technologies.

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