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Facing A Post-Catalyst Reality

What were you doing as an industry leader in the depths of this downturn that makes your company deserve my best ideas, talent, and mindset? In other words, who do you think you are?

The Where Of Care: New Physical Locations For Care Provision Unlock Healthcare Opportunities

With the significant growth in the adoption of wearables and smartphones, there has been a shift in expectations surrounding where the provision of care happens from traditional locations like hospitals and clinics to the home and environment. Learn more from our Research Associate, Danielle Bradnan, in this new blog.

Rethinking Reusable Packaging

Digital tools are giving reusable packaging a new wave of life, potentially allowing for significant benefits and accommodating shifting consumer preferences around sustainability and brand interaction.

Offshore Wind: Europe's Best Bet To Accelerate Green Hydrogen Developments

The ultimate search for clean fuels and green hydrogen creates an opportunity for wind energy, particularly offshore wind, which has the potential to become the primary source of green hydrogen in Europe. Learn more about the opportunity from our expert, Patricia Seoane da Silva in this blog.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up October 23, 2020

Each week we highlight our Lux Take on the news for the week. This Friday's round-up includes our researchers' coverage of L'Oréal, Airbus, BrightFarms, and some major innovation investment news.


Event Recap: AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2020

Check out our Analyst Josh Kern's key takeaways from this year's virtual XPONENTIAL conference. The conference covers "all things unmanned" but has a heavy focus on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including drones.

Skating To The Money In 3D Printing

Those that are building a 3D printing strategy should "skate to where the money will be" and be sure they are building strong and clearly differentiated capabilities in those areas that will capture the most value as the industry matures. Learn more in this blog from our expert, Michael Holman, Ph.D.

Nikola is past its tipping point and on a path to failure

The story of Nikola thus far is one of poor execution. But what lies ahead? The likelihood that Nikola is able to right the ship is very slim; with so few tangible assets and an eroding stock price, Nikola will struggle to raise the necessary funds to bring its vehicles to market.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up October 16, 2020

On Fridays we highlight our Lux Take on the news for the week. Check out our thoughts on the latest emerging technology and innovation news for the past week. This week's round-up includes our researchers' coverage of  3D printing, soil carbon sequestration, head-up displays, and hyperloop.


Food security in Asia: Regional trends and startups for novel food production methods and uses

 As Asia expects 700 million more people to feed by 2050, food security is the number one unmet need facing its food system. Local startups are looking to address Asia's food security through a myriad of approaches that require regional considerations, as highlighted by our Analyst, Thomas Hayes in this blog.

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