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Biodegradation, Biocomposites, and the Future of Bioplastics in Southeast Asia

Lux recently had the opportunity to give the opening speech at this year's Bioplastics Market Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Lux Executive Summit 2019: Start-Up Showcase Announced

This year's conference will take place over two days in Boston, bringing together executives and global industry thought leaders to discuss best practices for staying on the cutting edge, and experience unparalleled networking opportunities that build the relationships needed to thrive.

Tesla Staggers, Nio Pivots; No Easy Road to EV Mass Adoption

The promise of cheap and convenient electric transportation is shaping up to be more difficult than even the EV leaders realize. 

Hydrogen’s Role in Our Future

The future of a hydrogen economy has long been tied to the transportation sector, where electric vehicles, by far, overtook fuel cell vehicles. Here at Lux, we believe that the roadmap for achieving a hydrogen economy runs through the industrial sector.

Keeping Up with the Top of the Lux 299 Leaderboard

Our clients frequently ask what emerging technologies should be on their radars – and to help answer that on a continuous basis, we recently launched our Lux 299 Top Innovations leaderboard. 

Xyleco: The Next Bio-Based Scam Looking to Cash in on the Sustainability Craze

While Xyleco has been on Lux's radar for a few years due to its immense patent portfolio (see below), there was little evidence of commercialization until it recently came into the spotlight. 

Automotive Battery Trends: Incremental Innovations Featured Heavily at the AABC Europe 2019

This year's AABC Europe conference saw a change in location, moving from Germany to France. As always, the conference was a must-attend event due to the high quality of speakers and the balance of technical and market discussions.

China's Booming AI Industry: What You Need to Know

Not only is China gearing up to lead innovation in fundamental AI technologies but is also rapidly implementing AI in the marketplace. Clearly, this offers significant opportunities as well as poses challenges

Real Tech: Capturing Emerging Innovation Opportunities in Climate and Sustainability

After analyzing thousands of questions submitted to us, and key initiatives shared by hundreds of innovation executives we concur that the climate and sustainability megatrend is a top priority for the world’s largest companies. 

How Ingredient Informatics Are Revolutionizing The Way We Develop Foods

Something we have been talking about at Lux lately is converting weak signals into strong insights. Recently, one space those weak signals have been culminating in is what we call "ingredient informatics" (analogous to materials informatics).

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