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Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up September 20, 2019

This week's headlines saw the likes of Ginkgo Biowork's Series E funding, 3D Printed Meat (is it just a niche within a niche?) and Apple's new smartwatch. Check out our experts' thoughts below, on this week's tech and innovation news.


Green is the new black: Will coatings be the answer to fresher avocados?

The hype around Apeel is alluring – and the promise of avocados with a longer shelf life is a big draw – but don’t be fooled into thinking the approach is wholly new or unique – shop around before diving in on any shelf life extension approach!

4 Key considerations for digital health cybersecurity

With the increasing penetration of digital health, IoT, and connected medical device technologies to support growing healthcare demands, cybersecurity and data privacy are becoming the primary concerns of the digital health industry.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up September 13, 2019

This week has a been a big week in news as seen through new partnerships among major players in the tech space and investments in new technologies. Every Friday we will be highlighting our Lux Take on the news.


The 4 Major Challenges That Digital Therapeutics Face

Digital therapeutics (DTx) have been rapidly gaining momentum, we have been continuing to recommend engagement with DTx companies. Those engaging with digital therapeutics companies need to be wary of falling victim to a hype-baited trap set with clinical data.

Lux Research partners with Greentown Labs

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in North America. This partnership will deepen our connection with Boston's startup community.

Li-ion Battery Innovation Roadmap

The global megatrends toward electrification are undeniable; by 2035, 50% of all vehicles sold will feature an electrified powertrain, and due to their unsurpassed performance, all these electrified powertrains will rely on Li-ion batteries.

Metamaterials will disrupt 5G, autonomy, and connected vehicles

With the imminent rollout in 5G network infrastructure and devices and the subsequent projected growth in connected and autonomous vehicles, metamaterials are becoming viable at just the right time to see rapid growth in these new markets.

Shared Mobility Poised to Disrupt Multitrillion-Dollar Auto Industry

Transportation network companies like Lyft and Uber are no longer startups. The top four ride-hailing companies in the world – Didi, Uber, Lyft, and Grab – have a combined valuation of $166 billion.

Gain First-Mover Advantage with Materials Informatics

Over the past few years, innovation interest in materials informatics has grown exponentially, but materials informatics data challenges require companies to formulate a clear strategy to reap the benefits.

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