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#SummeratLux | Get to Know Our Interns

Lux Research
September 25, 2019

At Lux, we are passionate about independent thinkers with intense curiosity and intellectual enthusiasm. We look for these traits not only in our researchers and analysts, but in our interns as well. This summer, we welcomed five intellectually curious interns – Sarah, Temma, Dan, Haider, and Yiran – into our Boston office.

Joining us from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston University (BU), MIT, Northeastern University, and BU’s Questrom School of Business, our interns come from a wide range of academic areas but are united in their passion about global innovation and cutting-edge research.


Sarah joined us as an intern on our Digital team, where her key research areas were mobile robotics, last-mile delivery, and autonomous vehicles. As a second-year undergraduate student studying Industrial Engineering, Sarah is also interested in the Society of Women Engineers and Engineers Without Borders.

Temma, a rising senior at Boston University studying statistics and sociology, joined our Energy Storage team, where her internship involved researching the energy storage market and policy.

Haider, who is pursuing his MBA, joined us as an intern on our Agrifood team. He conducted primary and secondary research on packaging during his time with us at Lux.

Yiran joined Lux as an Advanced Materials intern. As a rising senior studying materials science and engineering, as well as science, technology and society, she covered the future rise of radio frequency (RF) materials for 5G applications.

Dan joined the Lux Team as a Data Science & Software Engineering intern. In this role, he worked directly with our Lux IE team.

With fall now approaching, we wanted to take the time to thank our interns for all of the hard work they did this summer! Before they headed back to school, we got the chance to ask our interns questions about their experience and what #LifeatLux is really like for an intern in our summer program.


SARAH: “I have always had an affinity towards business in general, but as a person interested in STEM fields as well, I thought an internship would be a great way to see if I enjoyed an office environment. Lux is an interesting mix of business and technology, so it was a perfect place to start.”

TEMMA: “I wanted to learn more about energy storage and I really appreciated how friendly and inviting the culture of the office was. I liked the fact that the people who work here are so genuinely interested and knowledgeable about the topics they research.”

DAN: “I joined Lux to be part of an innovative company that manages to combine the best of both data and insight to generate value in addition to learning some cool machine learning techniques.”

HAIDER: “My career interest is in consulting and research – two areas that Lux captures almost perfectly. I had heard about Lux as one of the premier research firms in the market. The idea of having a scientific approach to tackling business and strategy questions was the kind of work that excited/excites me, and so far, this has been an amazing experience.”

YIRAN: “I have a strong technical foundation in materials science and engineering, and I wanted to work somewhere I could see that background having both a social and market impact. Lux provides a good vantage point for someone looking to gain a more complete understanding of technology and market landscapes than one might find in an academic setting.”


SARAH: “I hope to learn more about professionalism in general, as well as skills related to research like differentiating between distracting media hype and unique, groundbreaking technology.”

TEMMA: “Analysts at Lux are really great at confidently backing up their predictions for the future with evidence, and I would love to get better at that.”

YIRAN: “I want to learn about the future of materials, and of how the technical and social worlds we live in continue to grow together. I want to learn how to impact research and production in companies around the world most effectively, and where to position myself in the world to create the most change.”

Lux Research -National Intern Day
Lux Research Summer 2019 Interns: (From Left to Right) Temma, Dan, Sarah, Haider, Yiran


TEMMA: “I have learned a lot about how different battery technologies work and about how to combine insights from quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions.”

DAN: “As far as straight computer science is concerned, I have learned a crazy amount of data science and natural language processing techniques. However, the most valuable skills I have acquired have been learning to work with a talented team and understanding how high-level business goals translate down to the direction of day-to-day work of programmers.”

HAIDER: “My goal was to create a perfect intersection of my molecular biology bachelor’s and the MBA and apply it in real-world business scenarios. Till now, I hadn't been exposed to an environment where I could leverage both successfully. Having come to Lux, I have had to flex both scientific and business muscles in order to research and produce actionable insights for our clients. I have learnt to do both in a relatively short time, and that is a testament to the culture and people at Lux, who have enabled me to do so.”

YIRAN: “I have learned a lot about what kinds of questions are important to industry members… questions that sometimes vary quite widely based on members’ position in the value chain. Trying to answer these questions presents very different challenges from the type that academics usually ask, and it’s been fascinating to see the ways research intersects and doesn’t intersect with industrial work.”


SARAH: “I would recommend an internship at Lux because it offers great experience to sharpen one’s skills in professionalism, teamwork, and research. Overall, it is a great way to gain real work experience in an environment with people who truly want you to learn and be successful.”

TEMMA: “Yes! Everyone at Lux has been super welcoming and willing to answer questions. As an intern here, you get to contribute a lot to real projects and see results from the work you do.”

YIRAN: “I would! There’s a really lovely kitchen, there are many lovely coworkers, and Boston is a great place to be for the summer.”

DAN: “Definitely. As far as the company as a whole is concerned, this is a very positive work environment where I always feel comfortable. Not to mention the intelligent people everywhere who are always willing to have a conversation with me about technology or whatever it is they are working on. I feel like I have learned so much just from sitting in on lunchroom conversation. I would especially recommend the Lux IE team to a friend. Everybody is so nice and excited to help whenever I have a question. Shoutouts to Ryan and Jeff for being awesome managers who always have time for my many random questions!”

For more information about our open positions and #LifeatLux, be sure to check out our Careers and About Us pages.




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