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The 7 Essential Elements of Tech Innovation

Cosmin Laslau, Ph.D., Director, Research Products
November 5, 2018

New Lux Tech Pages Pair Data Science with Expert Insight to Offer Clients Curated Analysis and the Latest Data for the Most Disruptive Technology Innovations

Finding the next big idea, and executing quickly, can be the hardest part of the technology innovation process. Technology landscapes evolve rapidly, access to vital information is disparate, filtering out the clutter is incredibly difficult and takes far too long, and actionable insights are scarce. We receive many questions regarding issues like these from innovation executives looking for easily accessible resources they can trust that answer critical questions about technology landscapes.

That’s why we created Tech Pages.

Lux utilizes advanced data science techniques – developed in-house specifically to solve innovation challenges for our clients – combined with the domain expertise of our analysts, to provide a trusted, single destination to discover, research, and stay up-to-date with the evolving landscape of emerging technologies.

Start with Tech Pages to inspire ideas and inform decisions at the front end of your innovation process. These Tech Pages allow you to:

  1. Stay informed of changes in the market with updates on news, patents, academic papers, and investments, selectively curated from multiple trusted data sources.
  2. Evaluate important trends with the “Lux Take” –  Lux expert analysis of developments. Use it to avoid hyped areas of innovation that will disappoint, and to better uncover hidden opportunities and pitfalls.
  3. Build and showcase your business case by downloading charts, visuals, and other data.
  4. Identify and evaluate key players, including large companies, start-ups, and research centers.
  5. Understand the uses, expected trajectory, and challenges to overcome for each technology, with real-world case studies.
  6. Dive deeper with links to the wider ecosystem of Lux content, including proprietary analyses such as market landscapes, company profiles, and research reports.
  7. Be prepared at any moment with a mobile-friendly experience and customized alerts to know instantly when there are meaningful changes.

Technologies covered range from solid-state batteries to carbon-fiber composites to predictive maintenance to the microbiome, focusing on only the tech innovations that matter, as determined through a partnership of data science and expert human curation.

Tech Pages, a new addition to our member subscription, deliver insight, not just information.

To access a preview, click here to download an excerpt of the data and insight from our Predictive Maintenance Tech Page, or click here to register for trial access.