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Digital Innovation and Operations

Innovation leaders in chemical manufacturing need to leverage the proper digital technologies to both further their innovative pursuits and improve existing products, and they trust Lux Research to help them focus on the right digital innovations. Lux has the cross-functional expertise to draw connections between digital and physical innovations, providing clients with a holistic understanding that drives efficient innovation and results in a significant competitive advantage.

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How We Help Clients

  • We cover automation technologies that can be implemented in or added to manufacturing processes. We identify who the key players and partners are in those technologies. We understand the maturity and capabilities of these new technologies and guide our clients on how best to leverage them. We can identify the pitfalls that innovation leaders might encounter and the approaches they should take before implementation.
  • Our research covers the intersection between digital technologies and other technologies, and the fast-paced changes that exist across the chemicals industry; we isolate these convergent points that innovation leaders often can't see.

The Lux Difference

We understand the point at which digital innovations can make technologies more applicable and useful in the circular economy. Our coverage of physical industries is key, and our focus is uniquely on innovation leaders in the chemicals industry. We connect the dots on how digital is going to completely transform these physical industries.

Client Outcomes

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We enable innovation leaders to spot the digital tools that will realize R&D efficiency and capitalize on their R&D, giving them an edge over their competition.

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We offer our perspective on discoveries that would not be possible without these new digital approaches.

Featured Case Study

Opportunity evaluation and technology roadmap for materials informatics
Case Study

Opportunity evaluation and technology roadmap for materials informatics

The client, a non-U.S. consortium, was looking to improve the company's understanding of materials informatics and to develop a framework to examine potential opportunities of materials informatics for the client's country.


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