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Ingredients and Alternative Materials

Lux Research helps CPG innovation leaders identify, scout, and source new materials at the earliest stages of inception to provide a competitive advantage. Lux facilitates speed to market in a domain that runs on warp speed: speeding the evaluation and adoption of new ingredients and new materials by companies for mass scale.

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How We Help Clients

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We conceptualize topics and provide clear guidance on what they are, where to focus, and where NOT to focus, with clear reasoning and a Lux Take.​

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We provide a bottom-up analysis of the technology landscape and project that insight forward to make predictions about the economic reality of scaling up new materials and ingredients​.

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We cover, analyze, and digest trends to contextualize the technologies​ for innovation leaders to understand and act on.

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We connect with potential partners, based on our expert understanding of the end market and the technology/material.​

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The Lux Difference

We provide cross-functional expertise, evaluating technologies from an agnostic functional point of view and making unusual connections across industries and adjacencies. ​We utilize knowledge of materials from diverse industries to suggest ideas to an entirely different set of innovation leaders from other industries.

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Selected Topics We Cover

  • AI-Enabled Drug Discovery
  • Alternative Ingredients
  • Algae
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Cell-Based Meat
  • Ingredient Informatics
  • Microbiome Analysis
  • Microbiome Modulation
  • Plant-Derived Ingredients
  • Sugar Reduction
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Speak With Our CPG Team

A Lux representative will walk you through what becoming a Lux member entails, the services we offer, and how Lux can help your business reach new heights.