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Digital Transformation of Physical Industries

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We help you drive top- and bottom-line growth by understanding the evolution of core technology elements, and how to successfully implement the technologies and business models.


Traditionally slow-to-evolve markets are changing at the pace of digital, including:

  • Products themselves
  • Usage of connectivity and data for product decision-making
  • Digitally-enabled revenue streams


Additionally, data and digital tools are supercharging optimization of many functions, including:

  • Internal Assets
  • Employee productivity
  • R&D processes
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain & logistics

What Members Are Saying

  • Working with Lux has been excellent. They provide insightful information on a proactive and summarized basis, which is exactly what I need. The breadth and depth of emerging technology and market coverage provided as well as the discussions and exchanges with Lux analysts on topics of particular interest have been particularly valuable. The Lux engagement team has always been very helpful, too! 

    Steve Griffiths Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Office of Vice President for Research | Khalifa University
  • Our company was reviewing a new IoT offering from a vendor. We hired one of the Big 4 consultants to do a major review of the vendor offering, it was going to cost us $275k. The Lux report hype-busted the offering and it was enough that we canceled a $275k consulting project. Lux saved us $275k - that single report was worth the entire annual contract and then some.

    This has been helpful for me as I strategize how best to work with and monetize the assets in the space.

    Program Director, Business Strategy and Development Fortune 500 Company
  • Do you have information on [start-up company]? Their website doesn’t present too much detail in terms of actual units in field, reliability, etc. I can’t even tell if they have an actual business or if they are still seeking funding. Their ideas look interesting. 

    VP, Automation Large Food Service Equipment Company