The New Roadmap for Industrial Decarbonization

The year 2022 saw unprecedented government and corporate action on decarbonization. In the U.S., the Inflation Reduction Act has had a seismic impact on the technology landscape, creating new markets and new demand for clean technologies overnight. The carefully laid plans of innovators have been thrown into disarray. We need a new roadmap for industrial decarbonization.  

This event brings together the entire innovation ecosystem to collaborate on this new roadmap. Learn how policy will shape the future of the decarbonized economy and how technology leaders are already putting decarbonization into practice, and network with leading startups and innovators.  

Time (EDT)Session DescriptionPresenter
8:00AM – 9:00AMNetworking Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:40AM 
Decarbonization Policy Global Outlook
The year 2022 saw major policy changes: The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) made muscular moves to fund the energy transition and incentivize companies to build a supply chain for decarbonized tech. While the IRA captured the headlines, it was far from the only major policy move. From the EU to Southeast Asia, governments are setting the rules and funding the technology that will define the future of decarbonized industry.

This talk rounds up the policies of 2022 and paints a picture of the future of decarbonization policy. Which regions stand to benefit? Which regions will lag? And how can clients take advantage of this shift?

Tiffany Hua
Analyst at Lux Research 
9:40AM – 10:10AM Pathways for Decarbonized Industrial Manufacturing
Across a wide range of industries, there’s a growing trend: Companies are beginning to put makeshift and retrofit solutions for decarbonization — like carbon capture — into place. At the same time, early stage innovations for totally decarbonized production are being developed by startups and major corporations alike. At some point, companies are going to have to make the jump from retrofit solutions to something truly new if they want to achieve net-zero emissions.  

This talk explores this issue and the related questions: Are companies running the risk of locking themselves into assets that will have to be retired before their expected life is up? Is it possible to blend retrofit and disruptive approaches?
Mukunda Kaushik
Analyst at Lux Research 
10:10AM – 10:40AM Networking Break
10:40AM – 11:20AM Client Panel: Moving from Incremental to Disruptive in Decarbonization
This panel focuses on the issue of scaling up disruptive decarbonization tech: the pitfalls, opportunities, and changing landscape for academics, innovators, and large corporates alike. Experts from a diverse range of perspectives will share their views on how to accelerate the decarbonization of industry.
Michael Holman, Ph.D. 
SVP and Group Director at Lux Research 

Client Panelists
To Be Announced 
11:20AM – 11:50AM Putting Sustainable Manufacturing Into Practice
Sustainability is more than decarbonization, and industrial players face increasing scrutiny over a broad range of ecological impacts from their production processes. Sustainable manufacturing has been getting a lot of buzz — but among all the confusion and hype, companies are starting to figure out what it means and put it into practice. Implementation, more than technology, is the limiting factor in actually practicing sustainable manufacturing. 

This talk breaks down sustainable manufacturing — what it is and what it isn’t — and highlights success stories and pitfalls in implementation.  
Anthony Schiavo
Research Director at Lux Research 
11:50AM – 12:00PMNetworking

About the Lux Forums

The Lux Forums are a premier opportunity for innovation decision-makers to learn more about the commercially viable science and technology needed to enable sustainable innovation roadmaps. This event series brings together Lux Research’s global analysts with executives and industry thought leaders to learn from each other and tackle the most critical issues facing their industry today. 

At the Lux Forum, subject matter experts will provide meaningful insights relevant to oil and gas, utilities, industrials, chemicals, and consumer products innovation leaders. In this exclusive setting, attendees will make connections with executive-level industry counterparts through networking sessions and will take in cutting-edge research from the leading provider of sustainable innovation research and advisory services, Lux Research. These forums will deliver the thinking you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company. 

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