LUX FORUM TWIN CITIES How Human-Centric and Resilient Innovation Drive Sustainable Growth

Morning Theme

Insights Nexus: Where Human-Centric Innovation Meets Sustainable Transformation

Join us at the Insights Nexus event, where pioneering minds converge to explore the dynamic intersection of human-centric innovation and sustainable transformation. Embrace the power of AI-driven consumer insights and discover the essential skills that will revolutionize insights teams in the ever-changing consumer landscape. Challenge the conventional notion of “actionable insights” in the realm of human-centric research as we redefine the art of making research truly impactful and action oriented. 

At the heart of the event lies the quest to make sustainability irresistible through a unique desirability formula. Unearth the underlying triggers that captivate consumers and drive sustainability initiatives across industries. Witness live demonstrations of this formula in action, inspiring your organization to reimagine narratives, craft authentic products, and resonate with conscious consumers. 

Afternoon Theme

Building Resiliency From the Supply Chain to the Consumer

Businesses today face an unparalleled era of uncertainty, from geopolitical conflict to extreme weather events and from scarcity of critical materials to shifting consumer attitudes — and of course sustainability is still a growing imperative. How can strategy and innovation leaders future-proof their companies in affected industries like consumer goods and industrial manufacturing? Innovation is needed to develop the technologies, consumer insight tools, and business models that build resiliency and uncover new sustainable growth opportunities.  

This Lux Forum brings together the latest research from Lux Research analysts along with insights from top executives to explore this and other critical questions. 

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Ujwal Arkalgud, EVP & Group Director at Lux Research

Ujwal Arkalgud

EVP & Group Director, Anthropology

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Joshua Haslun

Joshua Haslun, Ph.D.

Research Director

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Jason Partridge photo

Jason Partridge

VP, Client Experience

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Kristin Marshall

Kristin Marshall

Associate Research Director

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Michael Holman

Michael Holman, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Group Director

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Cheryl Auger photo

Cheryl Auger

Senior Anthropologist and Director of Client Delivery and Advisory

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Natalie Taake photo

Natalie Taake

Senior Innovation Manager at The Kroger Company

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Paris Tsobanakis photo

Paris Tsobanakis

Director of Transformational Innovation at Cargill

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Mike Kesti photo

Mike Kesti

Senior Vice President of 3M’s Corporate Research Laboratory

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Samantha Roloff photo

Samantha Roloff

Data Scientist at Amway

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Lumeng Jin photo

Lumeng Jin

Agile Innovation Manager at Mars Wrigley

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Event Details

Breakfast and lunch are to be provided.

About the Lux Forums

The Lux Forums are a premier opportunity for innovation decision-makers to learn more about the commercially viable science and technology needed to enable sustainable innovation roadmaps. This event series brings together Lux Research’s global analysts with executives and industry thought leaders to learn from each other and tackle the most critical issues facing their industry today. 

At the Lux Forum, subject matter experts will provide meaningful insights relevant to oil and gas, utilities, industrials, chemicals, and consumer products innovation leaders. In this exclusive setting, attendees will make connections with executive-level industry counterparts through networking sessions and will take in cutting-edge research from the leading provider of sustainable innovation research and advisory services, Lux Research. These forums will deliver the thinking you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company. 

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