Lux Research - 2023 Innovation Planning: Reviewing Key Developments of 2022 and Predictions for the Future

2023 Innovation Planning: Reviewing Key Developments of 2022 and Predictions for the Future

Presenters: Cecilia Gee, Analyst, Kristin Marshall, Associate Research Director, Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Ian Rinehart, Analyst, and Harini Venkataraman, Ph.D., Senior Analyst at Lux Research

Emerging technologies can move quickly over the course of a year, impacting your innovation planning. Sifting through breakthrough developments, new and failed companies, partnerships, technology trends, policy announcements, and everything in between helps you understand whether to build on existing investments, make new ones, or stop failing ones.  

This webinar examines developments and trends across Lux’s industry verticals — including oil and gas, utilities, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, and industrials — to pull out common themes and insights that will inform your priorities and hone your decision-making in 2023. 

Please Note:

  • A copy of the presentation slides and the webinar recording will be sent to all registrants after the webinar.
  • If you have any questions, please email

Cecilia Gee, Analyst at Lux Research

Presenter: Cecilia Gee, Analyst at Lux Research

Cecilia Gee is an Analyst based in Lux Research’s Amsterdam office. She identifies emerging technologies that are synergistic and disruptive to industries, filling in the innovation gaps of Global 1000s. Having led teams in both Materials and Energy, Cecilia connects the dots between industry and startups across multiple deep tech sectors, acting as a strategic partner to industry executives. Areas of expertise have included decarbonization of industry, carbon utilization, sustainability of materials, composites, functional and circular materials, and more.

Cecilia brings an international perspective to client engagements, having been active in both Canada and France prior to Lux. Cecilia holds a BSc in materials science and engineering with distinction from the University of Alberta.

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