Decarbonization Darwinism: The Existential Challenge Facing the Global Chemicals Industry

Presenter: Anthony Schiavo, Research Director at Lux Research

Regulatory, activist, and investor pressure is turning up the heat on industry to reduce carbon emissions, and chemicals and materials companies face one of the toughest decarbonization challenges of any industry. Not only are their processes energy intensive — and not easily amenable to low-hanging solutions like electrification — but the companies also need to responsibly manage myriad different products through use and end of life, as users nervously edge away from problematic products like single-use plastic packaging. Decarbonization is going to bring disruptive change and has the potential to doom firms that don’t manage it well. There’s no one simple playbook as not all players will be affected equally. 

This webinar maps the leading chemicals companies on the Lux Carbon Canvas to assess their resilience to carbon emissions pricing and develop a set of strategies to respond to this growing innovation challenge. 

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Anthony Schiavo, Research Director at Lux Research

Presenter: Anthony Schiavo, Research Director at Lux Research

Anthony Schiavo is a Research Director at Lux, and leads the Accelerating Materials Innovation program. Under his leadership, the Accelerating Materials Innovation program covers innovation and technology development that intersect with the future of the chemicals and materials industry, sustainability, digital transformation, and consumer transformation.  His expertise includes future materials like graphene, digital technologies like materials informatics, and challenges like the future of plastic waste. Anthony often is called upon to provide strategic advice and guidance for executives in the automotive, chemicals, and consumer goods industries.

Anthony received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. During his tenure at Virginia Tech, Anthony focused his research activities on biomaterial composites and nanoparticle technology, and ethics.

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