Lux Research - Market Opportunities in Emerging Consumer Health and Wellness Ecosystems

Market Opportunities in Emerging Consumer Health and Wellness Ecosystems

Presenters: Cheryl Auger, Director of Client Success, Harini Venkataraman, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, and Shriram Ramanathan, Ph.D., VP & Group Director at Lux Research

Consumers are becoming more health conscious and taking extra steps to prevent disease and enhance wellness. They are adopting a holistic approach toward building a healthy lifestyle,  continuously tracking their physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. They also are looking for products and services that provide actionable information they can use to achieve these improved health outcomes.  

In this webinar, we discuss how this megashift in consumer attitudes can translate into profitable business opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. We will also dive into what go-to-market strategies CPG companies can adopt to leverage these opportunities. 

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Presenter: Cheryl Auger, Senior Anthropologist and Director of Client Success and Advisory at Lux MotivBase

Cheryl Auger is a Senior Anthropologist and Director of Client Delivery and Advisory at Lux MotivBase. Cheryl leads her team in managing qualitative research projects from start to finish, manages on-going client relationships, and helps identify new business opportunities. In this role, she works with the anthropology research team to maintain an excellent level of quality in all research. She also helps clients better understand the implications of consumer-lead research on their businesses.

Prior to joining Lux MotivBase, Cheryl was an independent researcher, teaching assistant, and research assistant at the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. She holds an M.A. in Political Studies from Queen’s University and has been published with the University of Toronto Press and Minnesota University Press. She was the recipient of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for outstanding research.

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