Lux Research - What Does Sustainability Really Mean to the Consumer in the Context of CPG Products?

The Impact of Inflation on Consumer Desire for Sustainability

Presenter: Ujwal Arkalgud, EVP and Group Director at Lux Research

Sustainability is perhaps one of the most misunderstood topics in corporate innovation and brand management today. It is a topic that is certainly heavily intertwined with a false sense of the value of morality. And it often creates a massive say-do gap in research.   

In today’s environment, it is not an understatement to suggest that every organization in the world is trying to figure out how they can deliver sustainable alternatives to their existing product lines without severely affecting their margins. But every one of these companies will likely attest to the fact that achieving this result is far from easy.  

So where does the problem lie?  

It lies in the fundamental fact that morality, at least when it comes to issues like the environment which do not seem to affect us in our daily lives, is not an effective way to drive the purchase of sustainable alternatives. 

In this session, Cultural Anthropologist Ujwal Arkalgud will help you answer the question – “why don’t people buy sustainable alternatives even when they say they want to?” To do so, he will leverage structural anthropology to decode the meaning behind sustainability and identify the underlying forms of symbolic capital (or social capital) that will actually motivate human behavior and drive purchase. Using MotivBase’s Iceberg Model of Meaning, Ujwal will outline the 5 fundamental ways in which you can drive effective results for sustainable alternatives in CPG.  

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Presenter: Ujwal Arkalgud, EVP and Group Director at Lux Research

Ujwal is an award-winning cultural anthropologist and a pioneer in digital ethnography and the study of implicit and symbolic meaning using the internet. In 2015, he co-founded MotivBase, which is the world’s first predictive anthropology research technology that enables the study of meaning and consumer beliefs with big data. He speaks passionately and keynotes on the value of anthropology to corporate innovation across major conferences around the globe and has written two books on the topic. His most recent book, Microcultures: Understanding the Consumer Forces That Will Shape the Future of Your Business, was published in 2020.

Since the acquisition of MotivBase by Lux Research in April 2022, Ujwal serves as the Executive Vice President and Group Director for the Anthropology and Consumer Insights portion of Lux Research’s business.

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