The Smartest Mobility Opportunities in the Smart City

Presenter: Chad Goldberg, Research Associate at Lux Research

The dream of cities with lakes of “open data” and myriad IoT devices which characterized the first wave of smart cities has passed. It has been replaced with an environment where cities are focused on specific technology adoption use cases that have a clear ROI. Within the various aspects of smart cities, mobility opportunities have stood out with the potential to improve access to mobility, and reduce congestion and emissions.

This webinar will segment the key aspects of how mobility is changing in the smart city, presenting a framework to identify the most promising technologies and companies in the space.

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Chad Goldberg

Presenter: Chad Goldberg, Research Associate at Lux Research

Chad is a Research Associate at Lux, and contributes to the mobility team’s coverage of the future of human and product transportation. In this role he reports on technologies and trends such as high-capacity transit, shared mobility, autonomous vehicles, and Mobility-as-a-Service. 

He holds a BS in Engineering Psychology and a MSc in Innovation & Management, both from Tufts University. While there, Chad helped secure funding to further develop an innovative technology from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and consulted for an AgTech startup specializing in microbial technology. 

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