What Is Body Neutrality and Why Is It Incredibly Relevant to Food, Apparel, and Health and Wellness Companies?

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Cheryl Auger

Senior Anthropologist and Director of Client Delivery and Advisory

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Date: Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

What is body neutrality and how does it differ from the movement toward body positivity? What implications does a cultural shift like this have on your business? Which categories and industries will be and already are being directly impacted, and which will be indirectly impacted over time? How significant can we expect this impact to be, and how quickly will it drive change? 

In this webinar, Lux MotivBase Director of Client Advisory Cheryl Auger will use the body positivity trend to illustrate not just how this specific trend is manifesting in culture today but also how similar trends tend to develop and evolve with time. Using the Lux MotivBase Predictive Anthropology platform, Cheryl will provide updated data and analysis on the body neutrality trend, showcasing what it means today and what it will mean tomorrow.  

If you work in any industry that needs to understand ahead of time how shifting trends can have a positive or a detrimental impact on your business, then this webinar is for you.

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