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15th Asia Healthcare Insurance Conference 2020 (Virtual Summit)

When: April 15, 2020
Where: Singapore
Speakers: Nardev Ramanathan
With rising runaway healthcare costs exacerbated by tech-driven modern science and medicine, everyone is looking at insurers as the bearer of the last costs with deep pockets. Insurers naturally has a huge role to play in healthcare and there are tremendous opportunities in the health arena as health is wealth and a continuing necessity especially with the ageing demographics. The potential for digital health initiatives, Insurtech and fintech including also social media platforms to help insurers deliver effective health coverage is significant. Organizations are increasingly turning to technology to facilitate this transformation, translate data into better health outcomes and manage the huge health expenditures. A slew of innovative options are out there but which are the ones that fit? The next big drive is the application of genomics that forms the basis for preventive and personalised healthcare and precision medicine for decision-making with less focus on treatment and more on tailoring lifestyle to manage one’s personal health risk and avoid diseases. Mobile devices, telehealth, genetic testing, advanced screenings and voice- based technology to improve care are just some of the new frontiers producing metrics and data on an unprecedented scale. Leveraging big data analytics and AI provide powerful insights that help physicians and underwriters better target health goals and measure progress however this is being challenged by legacy systems, ethical debates and practicality barriers. What will impede future technologies and propel others, and why? Which of today’s innovations will ultimately work their way for insurers, medical professionals and people’s everyday life and activities? The two-day conference will discuss the dynamic and critical role of insurance both life and general in the health business, how the insurance, health and tech markets find a common working ground, how the insurance industry can regenerate itself in the new ecosystem and what services and solutions are the ultimate enablers to create real health, wealth of opportunities and add value!