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Go Net Zero Virtual Talk Series - A Matter of Debate: The ‘How’ and ‘How Much’ of Hydrogen

When: November 5, 2020
Where: Virtual Conference
Speakers: Yuan-Sheng Yu, Runeel Daliah, Arnold Bos
The hydrogen economy has become the Energy sector’s favorite buzzword in 2020. ​​​​​​​ However, fully realizing the massive decarbonization potential of the universe’s simplest element would require replicating 100 years of oil & gas industry infrastructure success in just a few decades. Furthermore, hydrogen’s dominance remains far from certain, with existential competition from alternative low- or zero-carbon emission reduction pathways. Add in political, economic, and climate uncertainties and the future of hydrogen in the energy sector quickly becomes as hazy as the sky over a coal-fired power plant. To help untangle what exactly a hydrogen economy will look like, the fundamental enabling technologies (and technology pathways), and, most importantly, the timeline and potential opportunities for energy players among the hype and hope of hydrogen – Lux Research compiled its internal experts across the energy sector to debate all things hydrogen economy. With questions outnumbering answers, Lux decided to take the debate to the people, presenting our insights and varying opinions from the experts working day and night to understand what an H2 world would look like and the effort required to achieve it.