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Lux Innovation Consortium: Renewable resources and the circular economy

When: October 31, 2019
Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Speakers: Samhitha Udupa, Arnold Bos, Gihan Hewage
While sustainability has traditionally emphasized use of renewable resources, such as biomass, societal concerns about plastic waste and the move towards circular economy thinking has added the emphasis on recycling and waste feedstocks. Although the topic of plastic waste and more sustainable solutions is becoming critical for materials companies, brand owners, and governments, it remains an enormous challenge to bring promising innovations to scale. It’s clear there’s a need for a concerted effort to create better solutions. What are the steps firms should be taking today to meet market and regulatory demand for sustainable materials? How do innovative technologies impact the economics of advanced recycling and waste valorization? How should your company and your peers in the value chain address these trends in its innovation efforts? Join us for an interactive session on circular economy and renewable chemicals – come prepared to hear from our Lux experts, to share your thoughts, and to hear from your peers across the value chain on their own efforts and struggles. What you’ll take away from the day is a roadmap for how to bring renewable chemicals to scale in a circular economy, and how to harness the momentum in your value chain to solve some of the critical technology bottlenecks.