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Securing Digital Health: Cybersecurity and its Impact on the Future of Healthcare at SGInnovate

When: August 16, 2019
Where: Singapore, Singapore
Speakers: Nardev Ramanathan
The rise of digital health has seen significant improvements to the quality of patient care - through improved patient compliance and availability of data collection, healthcare providers are now able to provide greater personalised care, early intervention, and better at-home care for patients. Since the introduction of digital health, IoT, and connected medical devices, cybersecurity and data privacy are becoming the forefront concerns of the digital health industry. Electronic health records of patients have been used to create fake identities, purchase medical equipment and medications, or even file false insurance claims. Accenture estimates that data breaches will cost the healthcare sector US$300 billion over the next five years. What are the challenges and ultimately, solutions in cybersecurity and data privacy in the digital health industry? How will these shape the state of development of connected medical devices? Join our panel of experts as they share their perspectives and experiences.